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PA Pool Designers, The Best Swimming Pool Designs

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PA Pool Designers, The Best Swimming Pool Designs

Let’s face it — no one wants the same swimming pool as his or her neighbor. You’ve probably been eyeing your neighbor’s pool for a while, especially during the hot Pennsylvania summer. Maybe you’ve even been over to your neighbor’s pool for a luau or a Fourth of July party. While the neighbor’s pool is nice, you have other ideas in mind for the pool that you want.

Your neighbor’s pool is the usual standard, rectangular pool with blue tiled sides. But you want something different. You want a custom pool that you can tailor to your yard and your family’s needs. No problem. Builders and custom swimming pools designers help people find their dream pools in their backyards every day. Keep reading for information on how swimming pool designers work to design your perfect pool.

Plan for Perfection

Thinking of looking for a designer of inground pools in PA? Before you can break any ground, you need a pool plan. A pool builder or designer will meet with you to discuss your pool. Pool builders in PA will take measurements of your backyard, especially in the area where you’d like your new pool. They also will take a look at the soil in your backyard. This is important since the pool you want has to fit the yard you have.

Your pool builder will also ask you what you want in a pool. You may have specific needs in mind. If you have children or grandchildren, you might want a pool that is specific to their needs. You may want to incorporate an area for children. You also might want a pool that is for you to enjoy during your retirement as an empty-nester. In that case, you may also want a spa. A good pool builder will take your needs into account when coming up with a custom pool design. 

Pennsylvania’s Features

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There are rolling hills, mountains, and valleys. Pennsylvania’s weather can also be extreme. In the summer, the state can be very hot. The farther southeast in the state you are, the hotter it can be. Pennsylvania also has extremely cold winters with lots of snow — like the winter of 2019. These huge temperature swings could be a problem for a pool builder not familiar with Pennsylvania’s climate and features. Pool designers have to account for soil expanding and contracting because of heat and cold. That way, they can create a pool that will last for decades. Great PA pool designers would also consider your yard and its natural features. If you have a beautiful view of some of those Pennsylvania hills, why not take advantage of it?

Ready to Think About Your Design?

If you are looking for PA pool designers with different ideas in Pennsylvania, contact Skovish Brothers Pools & Spas. We are ready to build you the best pool in Pennsylvania. We have two locations: Luzerne, PA, and Shickshinny, PA. We are ready to listen to your ideas about your dream pool. We have the expertise and the knowledge to create the perfect pool for you. We have created unique looks for our clients that are second to none. We specialize in creating custom pools for each one of our clients. We not only design pools, but spas as well. We are able to service your pool and help you with any problems that might arise as well. If you want to add a new and exciting feature to your backyard this summer, why not call us? Even if you have an old, outdated pool you want to remodel, we can help transform it. We can turn your old backyard into something new and exciting.

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