Play by the rules

71213509 - group of children jumping into outdoor swimming poolSwimming season is almost here, and you’re probably in the middle of preparations. That’s true whether you’re installing a new Skovish pool or visiting our stores in Luzerne and Shickshinny for maintenance supplies.

Here’s something you might add to your list: a list, ironically enough, of your swimming pool rules.

Pool owners know well that a swimming pool draws family and friends to the backyard, especially when the Pennsylvania sun starts beating down. That’s one of a Skovish pool’s benefits, particularly if you love company—well-behaved company, that is.

Now is the time to establish which kinds of behavior are OK in your pool. Be specific. Although you might think it’s common sense to get out of the pool when you need to use the bathroom, others might need to see it in writing.

How about the cousin who shows up wearing the world’s skimpiest bathing suit? Now’s the time to tell her (or him) that this is a family affair. All swimmers should dress accordingly.

Here are a few tips to consider as you assemble your personal do’s and don’ts:

  • Alert all guests to the rules to avoid singling anyone out. Doing so also allows you to give fair warning rather than forcing you to chase down little runners or play tough guy after the fact. Come up with your list which, along with no running, might include no diving, no glassware, no peeing in the water, no unsupervised kids and no babies without swimming diapers.
  • Email your rules to the people who are most likely to share your pool this summer. You can open with a friendly welcome, remind them to call before coming over (and to bring their own towels!) and ask that they review the rules with others in their family. Close your note by letting them know you are looking forward to lots of fun this summer. That’s all you need to say!
  • OK, it’s not quite that easy. You might want to post the rules on your pool fence as a reminder. You’ll probably have to enforce a few of the rules. It comes with the territory. But because you gave advance notice, you can notify parents when their children break the rules.
  • Post on your fence a notice with CPR instructions and details about where First Aid and safety equipment are stored. Hopefully, you’ll never need them. But if an emergency occurs, it’s best to be prepared.

Happy swimming!