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Pool Clarifier: All You Need To Know

Pool Clarifier: All You Need To Know

What Does a Pool Clarifier Do?

Have you ever noticed that your pool has tiny particles such as dirt, algae and bacteria suspended in the water? Over time, these can make your pool water appear cloudy.

Of course, we know you want your pool to be perfectly clear the entire time you use it. Sometimes, however, that does not happen.

A pool clarifier is one way to clear up those annoying little particles. So what are clarifiers, and how does it work? 

What Is A Pool Clarifier?

A pool clarifier is a coagulant that binds smaller particles, such as organic and nonorganic, into larger particles. Clarifiers make it easier for your pool filter to work and eliminate these particles. This can restore the sparkle in your water, eliminating the cloudiness.

How Do You Use A Pool Clarifier?

So, your pool looks murky and cloudy, perhaps brought on by rain that caused dirt and debris to enter your pool.

This is an excellent time to use a clarifier as, in addition, clarifiers are great to add to your regular pool maintenance.

Clarifiers come in two forms, liquid and tablet. However, before using, clean the filter and make sure you will be adding the correct dosage of the clarifier. Make certain the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6. Finally, ensure the pump and filter are running, and add the clarifier.

How Long Does It Take for Pool Clarifier to Work?

While pool clarifiers can do an excellent job for you, they can take up to two to three days to achieve the full effect.

Remember, the pool’s water, pH and chlorine levels must be balanced, and the filter must run for at least twelve hours until the water is crystal clear.

What If My Pool Water Is Green?

If your water is green with pre-existing algae, this must be cleared up first by taking the proper methods, such as shocking and adding algaecide. If the water turns green to cloudy blue, you have successfully eliminated the algae and can now add the clarifier.

If the water is still green after shocking, redo the steps and wait another twenty-four hours.

Finally, when the water becomes blue/grey, you can add the pool clarifier and let it run for twelve hours. The algae will clump into vacuumable pieces.

After, shut the filter and pump off, let the cloudiness settle and vacuum. 

Can You Swim With Clarifier in Pool?

Like other swim chemicals such as alkalinity balance, pH up and down, calcium balance, and water stabilizer, they are safe to swim in at the correct levels. But do wait at least twenty minutes before you dive in.

How Do You Know If There Is Too Much Clarifier in Pool?

One of the significant problems with a pool clarifier is that a little bit goes a long way. Are you an impatient person? Could you add more clarifier to your pool to speed things up? Don’t do that. Too much clarifier makes your pool cloudy and murkier than before. Afterward, and while the filter is running, frequently check your pool. If the water is not becoming more transparent, you used too much clarifier.

How To Fix Too Much Clarifier

Fixing this issue is not complicated, but it is time-consuming. You have three options.

  • Drain and refill the pool, which can increase your town water bill and be hard on your well, draining so much water.
  • Keep running the filter until the clarifier is gone. This can take many days and overwork your filter.
  • Partially empty the water, and add clean and balanced water. Filter until the clarifier is out.

Having Trouble With Your Pool’s Water or Issues?

If you’re having trouble with your pool, and need expert advice, contact Skovish Pools & Spas in Luzerne and Shickshinny, PA. We would love to help you get your pool clear and sparkling.

So give us a call today! We serve the counties of Luzerne, Montour, Monroe, Carbon, Sullivan, Lackawanna, Wyoming and Columbia County, Pennsylvania.

We have two pool supply stores where you can pick up a pool clarifier and other pool chemicals, supplies, floats, toys and more.

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