Pool Closing Tips To Allow For Easy Opening Next Year

Pool Closing Tips To Allow For Easy Opening Next Year For those with in-ground pools, Luzerne, Shickshinny and surrounding area residents are probably thinking more about opening their pool for the season. In the cold winter, pool opening means spring is here. Opening your pool will mean the warm weather season and big thaw out has officially started! That being said, there is no wrong time for a few pool closing tips. Using the right tips can ensure your pool has an easy opening next year. A few pool closing tips we love to allow for an easier opening next year are:

Don’t close early

  • Even if it seems a little easier to close your pool at a certain time, you don’t want to close too early. If you close too early when the water is still consistently warm, you’ll risk algae growth in your pool that will only grow during the off-season. This will lead you to a much more complicated opening the following year. We suggest waiting until your pool is consistently 65 degrees or cooler before shutting it down for the year!

Make space for everything

  • In your pool shed or garage, make sure you put all of your pool supplies in their own correct space. When it comes time to open next year, you’ll know where every little thing you need is, and what may need to be replaced from year to year.

Treat algae before closing

  • Before officially closing your pool, make sure to treat algae whether you think algae is growing or not. By treating your water issues just before closing, you’re ensuring a simple and quick opening in the spring.

Drain your equipment

  • Draining all tubes, chlorinators, filters, pumps, and other pieces of your pool that may have water inside should always be done before pool closing. Without taking this step, Pennsylvania winters are cold, and you risk having a blowout situation that seriously damages your pool or expensive pool equipment.

By knowing the best way to close your pool, you can ensure yourself a simple opening in the following year. While it may be too late to take some of these steps before opening for 2016, you can keep these tips in mind for 2017, and ensure that your opening next year is smooth sailing!

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