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Pool Equipment Sales and Repairs in PA

Pool Equipment Sales and Repairs in PA

Comprehensive Pool Equipment Sales and Repairs in Pennsylvania

Skovish Pools, with retail stores in Shickshinny, PA and Luzerne, PA, offers a comprehensive line of pool equipment and repairs throughout Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, Carbon County, Sullivan County, Columbia County, Montour County, Monroe County, Wyoming County, PA.

Yes, there are a variety of retail pool businesses throughout Pennsylvania, but how do you know you are dealing with the best?

As there are so many types of pool equipment on the market today, some have different quality, which unfortunately makes for pool equipment that is not as efficient, breaks down more often and has a significant loss of longevity.

Therefore, when choosing a pool equipment sales company and one that does pool equipment repairs, you must ensure they sell high-quality pool equipment and parts. The up-front cost may be higher, but you will undoubtedly, save money in the long run. In addition, they must have an expert team ready to assist you regarding your equipment repair needs.

Pool Equipment Sales

At Skovish Pools & Spas, our entire pool equipment line is the highest quality and the most updated in the pool technology industry. Below is a quick rundown of some Skovish Pools & Spas pool equipment.

Pool Pumps

We have a broad lineup of industry-standard single-speed pumps to energy-efficient variable-speed pumps, all for reliable and robust performance.

Pool Filters

Our industry filters include cartridges, D.E. and sand. They all have simple maintenance and give incredible water quality.


Whoever knows what the weather tomorrow brings our way to Pennsylvania? Today it’s 90 degrees, and tomorrow can be 50 degrees. Our heaters, gas, propane and electric, deliver the ultimate comfort for those chilly nights when the temperatures drop, and so does the water temperature.


And who wants to jump into a cloudy, dirty and green pool? Certainly not many. Our stores carry all the chemical supplies you need to keep your pool’s water safe, healthy and crystal clear. However, have you ever considered a saltwater pool system and switching from chlorine? Contact us to learn more about your options and the many excellent benefits.


Nowadays, the way to go is “smart.” This new technology is popping up everywhere. So, why not implement it for your swimming pool? You can set your equipment from your smartphone and conveniently schedule your settings to turn on and off even when away from home. It’s great because it can save money when not unnecessarily running the equipment.


Today there are many excellent cleaners, from robotic to high-performance pressure and suction cleaners. Skovish Pools & Spas offer a wide selection of all pool types and sizes.

Parts & Accessories

Each pool has the required components, from valves and skimmers to ladders and plumbing; we have you covered.

Pool Equipment Repairs

So, we sell all types of high quality, state-of-the-art pool equipment for all pool types, But what happens when your existing requires repair? No worries; we have an entire team of highly qualified pool equipment repair technicians ready to assist you quickly.

What is a pool with a pool, absolutely nothing! We understand the short swimming season in Pennsylvania and want you to enjoy every moment of your backyard swimming pool to the max. Just give us a quick call, and we will react promptly.

Visit Today for The Best Pool Equipment Sales and Repairs in PA

Our extensive pool equipment range and repair team are the best around. Be sure to contact us by phone, online form, or stop by to chat about our pool equipment, and the repairs you may need, schedule maintenance services, or pick up a float, pool toy, game or two for your big backyard swimming pool party.

We can assure you that we are a leading pool equipment sales and repairs company servicing pool owners throughout the Pennsylvania counties listed above.

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