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Pool Materials To Consider During Construction

Pool Materials To Consider During Construction

When undergoing a Shickshinny pool construction or remodel, your contractor will present many options for your pool. At times, these options may seem overwhelming. There’s so much to choose from! One of the most important decisions you are going to be required to make is the type of materials used to build your pool. There are three primary materials used for pool construction. You should be familiar with them before you confirm which material you would prefer.


Concrete is a very popular choice because it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. Concrete can be customized and poured to fit any pool design. If you have a unique custom design in mind or need the pool to fit within a confined space, choosing concrete may be your best bet.

If you wish to have an in-ground pool that is more than eight feet deep then your hands are tied. Concrete will be the only material of choice, as it is the only way you’ll be able to complete your desired depth.


Vinyl allows for much of the same flexibility that concrete does, with a little more room for individuality. There is a vast array of liner patterns that you can choose from, meaning that you can choose a vinyl pattern that will fit perfectly into the ambiance and theme of your backyard.

One of the downsides to vinyl is its upkeep. A vinyl pool liner will need to be replaced about once a decade, costing a couple of thousand dollars each time. This could be considered a good thing though, because every time the liner is replaced, it looks as though your pool is brand new!

Vinyl can also be prone to tears that can lead to water leaks. If you wish to have pets in your pool, or you expect your pool to receive a lot of wear and tear, vinyl may not be the best option for your Shickshinny pool construction or remodel.


Fiberglass pools are popular because of the little maintenance required. Major repairs are typically not necessary on fiberglass pools. Choosing fiberglass will allow for the quickest Shickshinny pool construction or remodel, as they are easy to install. Fiberglass is best suited for simple-shaped pools. Fiberglass is the least customizable of the three materials.

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