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Pool Opening? How to Maintain Crystal Clear Sparkling Water

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Pool Opening? How to Maintain Crystal Clear Sparkling Water

Pool Opening and Guide on How to Maintain Crystal Clear Sparkling Water

When you’re opening your pool for the summer or looking for a new home to buy, the sight of a dirty, unkempt swimming pool is worse than not having a pool at all. Maintaining a beautiful pool with crystal clear sparkling water is one of the most satisfying aspects of home pool ownership. It’s important to do the necessary work to keep it looking its best.

Here we list a few critical topics for maintaining crystal clear sparkling water.

Pool Water Circulation

Proper circulation is one of the most important things to include in your swimming pool maintenance routine. Pool pumps can run for 24 hours, and you should plan to run the pump for about 8-12 hours during the summer months. Be sure to check the flow meter to ensure the water is circulating properly. Not only will this prevent the buildup of algae and other harmful bacteria, but it will also help you verify that the chemicals are being evenly dispersed throughout the pool.

Proper Chemical Maintenance

Another key to maintaining crystal clear sparkling water in your swimming pool is through proper chemical treatment. You should always test your pool water and maintain the required chemical balance as part of your weekly cleaning routine. In particular, checking the pH and chlorine levels can help you prevent algae growth and cloudy water. Shock treatments can help if you are currently experiencing problems.

Filtration in Swimming Pools

A third way to keep your pool water clean and disinfected is by making sure it is being filtered effectively. The wrong kind of filter can lead to green or cloudy water. However, “backwashing,” or reversing water through the filter and sending it directly to the waste line, can free up the debris that is obstructing the filter.

When to Call a Professional

Pool Opening? How to Maintain Crystal Clear Sparkling Water

If you have tried the steps outlined above and are still suffering from cloudy, murky or green pool water, it may be time to call the experts. Pool maintenance can be a complex and time-consuming process. Not only that, but it involves the use of chemicals that are toxic for both children and pets. Some people may even choose to avoid purchasing a home with a pool because they are afraid that the maintenance will be too much of a hassle.

Fortunately, a local swimming pool maintenance company can help address all of these concerns and more. An experienced professional will have the knowledge to survey your situation, devise a plan to address any concerns you may have along the way. These individuals are trained to handle the details of pool water circulation, chemical treatment and filtration for you, along with storing all the necessary cleaning products in a safe and discreet place.

Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you decide to follow a detailed to-do list or get help from a professional, the solution to your pool problems is right in front of you. You’re already one step closer to having the pool of your dreams.

In Need of Pool Opening and a Pool Maintenance Company?

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