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Hot Tub- Prepare Your Backyard For The Pennsylvania Summer


Prepare Your Hot Tub For The Pennsylvania SummerAs the weather begins to warm and we approach the summer months in Luzerne and Shickshinny, you are probably getting excited about the thought of using your hot tub. There are some things you need to know and tasks you should do before using your hot tub in Luzerne this summer. The sooner you prepare your hot tub, the less you will have to worry about maintenance issues come summer.

Drain And Clean Your Luzerne Hot Tub

No matter how much use your hot tub got during the winter, you should still drain and clean your hot tub before summer. Your hot tub should be drained and cleaned at least three times a year – figure every four months. Once the water is removed from your tub, thoroughly check all jets, pumps, valves, pipes, and filter casings. If you find any damage during your inspection, replace the part or call your local technician.

You should also inspect your hot tub for cracks, leaks, and other visible signs of damage. These are easiest to spot while the water is drained from your tub. It is recommended that you inspect your hot tub’s filters, and the mechanics located behind the paneling.

Ensure The Proper Chemical Balance

Once you have inspected your hot tub and refilled it, you will want to be sure that the chemicals are in balance. Use testing strips to test the chemicals in the water, and be sure that they are at safe levels. If the chemicals need adjusting, do so before getting in. You should check the chemical levels weekly throughout the summer to make sure your hot tub’s water remains in balance.

Consider Cooling Down

They have their name for a reason, but you should consider turning it into a cool tub this summer. As Pennsylvania summers can get hot, keeping the water in your hot tub can prove to be refreshing after a hot day.  Just lowering the temperature a few degrees can make a tremendous difference. Since the average body temperature is 98.6 degrees, keeping your hot tub at a temperature of 95 degrees or lower can make a world of a difference, and prove to be incredibly refreshing.

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