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Questions To Ask a Pool Builder

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Questions To Ask a Pool Builder

Questions To Ask a Pool Builder Before You Make The Splash

If you have recently purchased a new home or want to add some significant renovations to your property, you may be thinking, “should I build a swimming pool?”

Building a pool on your property could be a good idea if your family swims often or enjoys the water. If you entertain guests in the spring and summer, you can plan gatherings by the pool as well. The pool is also a place where you can engage in a water workout that will strengthen your muscles without overworking your joints.

While a swimming pool can be a welcomed addition to a home, the pool also requires maintenance. Talking to your pool installation specialist about caring for your pool is essential. You may also have questions about the construction process. Skovish Pools is here every step of the way to ensure you are delighted with your new pool. Take a look at our questions to ask a pool builder listed below.

Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

It is so important to choose a qualified pool builder when you are ready to add a swimming pool to your property. From the beginning to the end of the building process, the pool specialists you choose should be happy to answer your questions so that you will know the changes that occur on your property and how to care for your pool. Some issues may include:

What Is the Best Position For the Pool?

The ideal position of the pool depends on the shape and size of your yard. The pool construction team will survey your land to check for indentations and soil conditions. The specialists will also consider your preferences to find the ideal pool space. For instance, if you want the pool further away from your house to make room for outdoor furniture or closer to the house for easy access into your home, share this information with the construction team before the excavation process begins.

What is the Ideal Shape for the Pool?

The shape of your new pool will also depend on the design aesthetic you desire. Rectangular pools are traditional, but you can also choose circular or natural pond-shaped pools. Square pools with defined angular lines are also a modern take on the regular pool. Your yard space and the additional décor you want in the area will help you decide on the ideal pool shape.  

How Do I Make the Pool Safe?

If you have small children, elderly family members, or pets, you are likely concerned about pool safety. Skovish Pools will assist you in selecting the correct steps and railing for the pool area. These features make it easier to get in and out of the pool. Skid-proof flooring for the perimeter of the pool and fences or borders to keep intruders out also make the space secure.

How Do I Care For My New Pool?

Pools require several chemicals to balance water chemistry. Ask your pool specialist about chlorine, salt, or bromine levels, and how often to add these chemicals to the pool. Tools and antifungal agents to clean the pool and prevent algae buildup keep the pool in pristine condition as well. Pool specialists can also advise you about draining the pool when necessary or finding the best cover to protect the swimming pool during rainy or stormy weather.

Do You Have More Questions To Ask a Pool Builder?

Contact Skovish Pools & Spas

Skovish Pool has two locations; Luzerne, Pa & Shickshinny PA, for your convenience. Our friendly and knowledgeable team provides all the tools and resources you need to get the pool of your dreams. We are also here to help you keep your outdoor space looking its best long after pool installation. Contact us today to set up your consultation and start the building process.

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