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Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED Lighting


Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED LightingLighting is an essential tool for creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere, that doubles as a safe environment for night swimming. LED lights offer a variety of different benefits to consumers that conventional pool lamps just can’t match. They are available in a wide range of colors to let your unique style shine, or you can keep it simple with traditional white or clear shades. This type of pool equipment illuminates brightly and helps guests see, to prevent injuries, while you are hosting parties.

Swing by our retail store, or ask one of our pool professionals, about all of the options that we have available. They will be more than happy to discuss the ins and outs of LED lighting or other pool equipment with you. Consumers will then be able to make an informed decision, about whether the light is the right choice for their oasis, or not.

Benefits Of LED Lighting

1. Long-Lasting Capabilities.

A lamp that is continuously burning out might have a more extensive issue with wiring or another component. It can result in the entire body needing to be replaced by a professional, but when all is going as planned, an LED bulb will typically last between 7 and 15 years, or 20,000 hours, whichever comes first. You will spend less time tracking down replacements and more time swimming and playing in the refreshing water. Our team is only a phone call away if you need us though, and we are always ready to help.

2. Requires Few Bulbs To Illuminate The Area.

As stated previously, LED lighting produces a substantial amount of brightness. Because of this attribute, and depending on the pool size, only one or two bulbs might be required to illuminate the location. Pool equipment can become costly, quickly, especially whenever it comes to lighting, so going this route can be beneficial to your budget as well. LEDs are energy efficient when compared to other styles, which can also save on utility bills throughout the year.

The process for replacing bulbs can be lengthy at times, depending on the person’s skills, and can take up to 30 minutes or longer. For this reason, many pool owners rely on our technicians for their lamp changing needs. However, the LED bulbs are low-maintenance, and these instances will not be everyday occurrences. Whether you attempt the feat yourself and can’t complete the task, or just don’t want to mess with it at all, contact our professionals for reliable service.

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