Reminisce: Classic Retro Summer Time Drinks

Reminisce: Classic Retro Summer Time Drinks

Summertime is often the time for family vacations, gatherings, parties and reminiscing. It is the time of year for outdoor grilling and snack foods; people gathering around to take it easy with cool summertime beverages. Think back to yesteryear where garden parties and pool parties were hip. When the backyard played host to plenty of luaus and Polynesian drinks kept everyone cool.

This summer, rediscover the classic drinks that are often ordered at retro happy hours.

Here are some ultra classic, reminiscent summertime drinks for you to tempt your taste buds with:


Rum is the basic ingredient of this shaken, but not stirred drink. Incorporated into it are sweetened lime or lemon juice and crushed ice. Very different from today’s pre-mixed daiquiri! This citrus blend is sure to please your palette.


A champagne drink blended with orange juice and served in a tall fluted champagne glass during brunch. Great for those summers Sunday brunches. This champagne drink dates back to the 1920s.

Mint Julep

This iced sweetened herbal mint drink laced with bourbon will take you back to those lazy, summertime nights where fireflies flicker and dance through the air. A soothing delightful herbal treat!


This Spanish wine based drink is a mixture of orange and lemon pieces swimming in red wine, orange juice, and club soda. This sparkling bubbly wine will put a tingle on your tongue.


A champagne or sparkling wine-based drink is swirled with orange liqueur, brandy, and lemon juice. Garnish with a spiral of orange zest to give it that extra zing. This is truly a classic drink with a lot of history behind it.

Tom Collins

Made with lemon-lime soda combined with sour mix and gin. Traditionally served in a tall straight glass with ice and accented with a wedge of lime. This classic crisp drink is sure to cut through the heat.

Retro Conversions

Retro recipes can be slightly confusing. Those old school measurement terms are not commonly used in today’s current cocktail lingo. Below are some conversions to assist when mixing those reminiscent cocktail drinks:

Jigger = 1.5 oz

Pony = 1 oz. or shot

Dash = 4 – 5 drops

Stock your bar with plenty of citrus fruits, juices and of course ice to soothe the summertime heat. Serve your party guests classic retro drinks that they will remember and reminisce with.

Have a great fun summer. If you need any pool supplies or perhaps would like to remodel an existing pool or have a new pool built in your backyard, give Skovish Pools & Spas a call or simply fill out our online contact form. Leave us a message and we will get back to you quickly. Oh and do not forget we have the perfect hot tub just for you as well.

Happy Summer!