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Salt Water Hot Tubs


Salt Water Hot TubsIf you’ve ever jumped in a pool or hot tub in Shickshinny, you are likely all too familiar with chlorine. A potentially nasty chemical, chlorine is typically necessary to keep-clean the water in pools and hot tubs. Lately, however, a new type of hot tub has been increasing in popularity, as owners search for a chemical-free sanitation method. Although they’re not perfect, we’ve seen a rise in salt water hot tubs as an alternative.

The Logistics

Salt water hot tubs still contain chlorine. The difference is that instead of adding the chlorine yourself, the chlorine is created naturally as a byproduct of the salt. The resulting, natural chlorine performs the same action as the chlorine you would pour in yourself – it cleans bacteria. So, don’t be fooled. Salt water hot tubs are chlorine generators, and still contain chlorine.

With that being said, salt water hot tubs have a much softer “feel.” The water has a silk feeling. Additionally, the water is much easier on sensitive eyes and skin. There is also less of a chemical odor. Again, because the chemical process is occurring naturally and chemicals aren’t being dumped into the hot tub, there will be less of an overwhelming chlorine smell. And speaking of dumping chemicals in – there is considerably less maintenance when dealing with a salt water hot tub. You will not have nearly as many chemicals to dump into your hot tub, and caring for your tub is easier.

Nothing Is Too Good To Be True: There Are Some Downsides

Although you won’t be paying as much on chemical treatments, the unit itself can be a bit more expensive than a typical hot tub. You also need to be cautious and monitor the amount of salt in your water. If there is too much salt, you could potentially corrode the metal on your unit. However, this should not happen with proper maintenance.

There are also some doubts about the effectiveness of salt water when it comes to killing bacteria. As you may be aware, hot tubs can be a magnet for germs and bacteria, and it often make take a little extra “umph” to keep your hot tub clean.

It May Come Down To Preference

It is completely understandable if you are not a fan of chlorine. Be mindful that salt water is not your only option as a chlorine-alternative. Bromine tends to be much more tolerable than chlorine, although it accomplishes the same results.

The main point is that your hot tub will be YOUR hot tub, and you should go with what you’re comfortable with, after doing research. If possible, try to test different hot tubs. A salt water hot tub is an expensive investment to make, especially if you later find discover that you do not enjoy it, or it is not effectively killing bacteria. Do your homework to find the best hot tub for you.

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