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Saltwater Pool Benefits and Advantages

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Saltwater Pool Benefits and Advantages

Saltwater Benefits You May Want To Take Advantage Of

Are you now hearing your friends who have pools talking about saltwater pool benefits and wondering what they are talking about?

Traditionally, people used chlorine to fill their backyard pools. In the past, no one questioned chlorine use to ensure pool water was clean and sparkling. But, who could forget that pretty, artificially blue water?

However, the trend in pools today is moving away from chlorine. This is because many people worry about how the chemicals used in a pool affect the environment. In addition, other people don’t like the use of chlorine around children and animals.

Chlorine is also very drying to your skin — no one wants that. If you are thinking about getting a pool but don’t want chlorine, there is an alternative — saltwater pools. Not sure whether you want a saltwater pool? We have information on the health benefits of saltwater pools.

What is the Difference Between a Saltwater Pool and a Chlorine Pool?

There are several differences between saltwater pools and chlorine pools. First, you set up and treat saltwater pools differently than chlorine pools. Chlorine pools are constantly treated with chlorine. Usually, this includes using chlorine tablets or sticks.

Chlorine levels in pools have to be constantly checked. That’s because pool owners need to make sure the chlorine level is optimum for the pool.

Saltwater pools use salt instead of chlorine for cleaning. Although saltwater pools also use a little chlorine, it’s at a much smaller amount than a traditional chlorine pool. Saltwater pool systems sanitize themselves through electrolysis. You don’t add chlorine to a saltwater pool. Instead, the pool makes its own chlorine. This makes saltwater pool maintenance much easier to manage than chlorine pools.

Benefits of a Saltwater Spa and/or Saltwater Pool

It’s Good For Your Skin

People have been using the oceans to benefit their health for thousands of years. Salt acts as a detoxifier. Salt can also clean and sterilize your skin. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, people with arthritis and other inflammatory diseases could benefit from salt water.

Salt water acts as an exfoliant as well, so you can emerge from a saltwater pool looking fresher and younger. People have even noticed that swimming in salt water helps with acne.

It Has a Calming Effect

Because people know salt water has calming and detoxifying properties, bathing in a saltwater pool can help reduce inflammation. This benefits the immune system, the nervous system, and the lymphatic system. Saltwater can reduce depression, especially in those with chronic diseases.

Speaking of diseases, salt is also an antimicrobial. That means it can block germs from getting into your body. Salt causes liquids to leave cells through osmosis. Germ cells, such as bacteria, dry out. Who knew that swimming in a saltwater pool or lounging in a spa could keep that summer cold at bay?

It Is Better for the Environment

Sure, chlorine is a natural element, and you can find it in nature. However, too much chlorine is bad for you. It can damage your skin. In fact, chlorine can burn your skin and eyes if you have too much exposure to it. Chlorine is also bad for your lungs, and in large amounts, can cause breathing problems.

Too much chlorine in the environment can kill plants and animals. If you have a saltwater pool, the pool system uses much smaller amounts of chlorine. This is better for you and the environment.

Considering The Saltwater Pool Benefits?

If you would like to take advantage of the saltwater pool benefits and are thinking about putting in or switching over to a saltwater pool or perhaps a saltwater spa, contact Skovish Brothers Pools & Spas. We have two locations, one in Luzerne, PA, and the other in Shickshinny, PA ready to serve you. Why not give us a call today, and let us create the saltwater pool or spa of your dreams?

Now you will understand what your friends are talking about when they mention the great saltwater pool benefits.

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