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Seasonal Maintenance and Cleaning for Your Pool


Seasonal Maintenance and Cleaning for Your PoolHaving the luxury and convenience of a pool in your backyard certainly helps the property value and entertainment level on your property, but we must not forget that having one is still a big responsibility and it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to protect the sizable investment.

Closing the Pool for Winter

When you begin to notice a shift in the temperature and the warmer weather is behind you, then it is time to start thinking about closing your in-ground pool in Luzerne down for the season before the weather gets too cold. Since it is so cold, there will most likely be very minimal algae growth. Simply drain the water to the proper levels for Winter and cover the pool and clean up the equipment since the pool will not be used for a while.

Seasonal Maintenance

To always ensure that your pool is running as well as it should be, proper seasonal maintenance is required. When you are ready to open the pool for the Spring, make sure you clear any leaves or other debris that may have collected on the pool cover so that when the cover is removed, these elements do not fall in. It is also recommended that you check on the filtration system and the pump to ensure that they are still in proper working order before you reconnect them.

When those steps are done, you can then begin to clean the pool by scrubbing down the interior walls, skimming the surface, and removing any dirt or debris that has settled. You will then apply a chlorine shock treatment to remove the algae and bacteria.

Finally, you can then begin to add the water and get the pool back to its usual water levels prior to use.

During the other seasons, you will want to make sure you regularly check the chemical levels of the pool and make sure to follow a regular cleaning routine to keep the pool and water healthy and bacteria free.

During the fall months, the abundance of leaves and other debris falling into the pool can end up clogging your filters and skimmer, so it is vital that you clean the pool out daily to avoid any costly repairs in the future.

As long as you follow a seasonal cleaning and maintenance routine for your pool, then you are sure to protect your investment and ensure that it stays in pristine condition and proper working order for many years to come.

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