Selecting your spa

hot tub -Skovish (607x404)Are you enjoying the great sleeping weather that’s soon approaching, with temperatures dipping into the 50′s overnight?

While it’s true that you’re probably getting better sleep, you’re also probably preparing for what’s coming next – pumpkins, autumn leaves and a Skovish pool that’s closed for the winter. If the latter has you in a funk, maybe it’s time to consider installing a Skovish spa!

The benefits of relaxing in a hot tub, even in the dead of winter, is well-documented… so much so that some people can actually write it off on their income taxes when it is prescribed by their doctor. If you’re hooked on the fitness routine you started in your Skovish pool, look into a swim-spa, a cross between a stationary bike and an underwater treadmill.

If you’re looking for social engagement through the winter, well, it’s said that you never know how many friends you have until you get a spa!

There are a lot of reasons to get a Skovish spa and you may even add a few more following a wet test at our retail outlet. Let’s first get down to the basics:

  • Location – Are you going to put your Skovish spa indoors or outdoors? In either case, place it on a flat, level surface that isn’t going to shift. From there, you’ll want to be near water and power sources, with good drainage nearby, and far enough away from structures so you can easily get in to make repairs.
  • Distance – If you’re going to use an outdoors spa in the winter, don’t place it too far from your back door. You’ll want to lay a walkway from the house to the hot tub, too. What seems like a few steps in the summer becomes a treacherous slide when everything freezes over!
  • Power Source – Make sure you know what voltage you can dedicate to the hot tub. It can make a difference in the size of the spa and hydrotherapy features you can fully operate. If electrical work is required, it must be done by a qualified electrician who will issue a certificate to show conformity. It requires a suitable fused spur with an isolator and an R.C.C.D. of maximum 30 milliamp trip rating. The spa can be hard-wired back to the breaker or wired via a suitable waterproof outdoor connector, if it conforms to regulations.
  • Friends – If you’re looking forward to evenings in the hot tub with friends, you’ll want enough room to comfortably entertain. Looking for medical relief? That’s another story! For that, you might prefer the swim-spa.

The bottom line? Come prepared and we’ll do our part in matching your needs with the perfect spa, long before the snow flies!