Stayin’ Alive With Saturday Night Fever Poolside?

Stayin' Alive With Saturday Night Fever Poolside?

Did you know that 10.4 million Americans have a swimming pool in their backyard?

Life on lockdown has meant that people’s lives are slowing down and that people are traveling less and spending more time with their families. 

Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of stayin’ alive at your poolside this Saturday evening. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool During and After the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Lockdown restrictions are taking their toll on Americans, with 45% of people admitting that the worry and stress caused by the pandemic are negatively impacting their mental health. Looking after your mental health during the pandemic is crucial, which is why experts are reiterating the importance of eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

If you already have a swimming pool in your garden or are thinking about building a pool in time for summer, here’s how it might benefit you during and after the lockdown:

1. Improved Health

One obvious benefit is that you can enjoy swimming in the comfort of your own garden. Whether you own an above ground or an inground pool, you are able to improve your physical health and your mental health. Some restrictions mean that exercise is limited but with a pool in your garden you can exercise whenever you want.

2. Relieve Stress

Stress caused by the pandemic is mounting for many people. Engaging in exercise such as swimming can help your brain reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Leaving you to relax and enjoy your family time more.

3. Bring People Together

Once restrictions are lifted and people are able to move around more freely, you can bring people together. At the moment, you’ll be able to have pool parties with your family, weather permitting.

But soon you’ll be able to invite your friends over too. So, start planning your pool parties and thinking about how you can bring everyone together once coronavirus is beaten.

If you don’t already have a swimming pool, but think that it’s a great way for your family and friends to reconnect, why not start planning a pool installation? Have a look for a swimming pool builder in your local area.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Poolside Saturday Evening

The current coronavirus pandemic may have stumped many of your plans this year, especially your traveling and vacation plans. But who needs to see the world when there are so many great summer staycation ideas? Have a look at how you can create the ultimate backyard for an unforgettable summer.

Once you’ve created the perfect backyard it’s time to enjoy things in the slow lane. If you live with your family, you might want to create a fun Saturday night where you all spend time in the pool and having a BBQ. If you live alone, you might want to use your pool for your daily exercise or to practice new skills or pool tricks. 

Or if you live with your partner why not open a bottle of wine and spend a romantic Saturday evening together by the side of the pool?

Stayin’ Alive By the Poolside Isn’t Too Bad

Don’t let lockdown get you down, after all, stayin’ alive by the poolside isn’t too bad. There are several benefits to having a swimming pool in your backyard, especially during and after the pandemic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your garden more this summer.

Contact our friendly team now to discuss your pool plans for the summer. After all, staycations are so in this year and who doesn’t want to bask in the glorious summer sunshine?