Stormy weather!

78716042_S (2)With all the hurricanes, tornadoes and more hitting the country, the residual storms heading our way seem tame in comparison. But that doesn’t diminish the devastating effect a strong storm can take on your Skovish pool.

Taking precautions before the storm, such as sloping the area surrounding the pool by quarter-inch increments away from the pool, definitely help. Store patio furniture and pool toys in a secure area. As for leaving your pool cover in place, opinions differ. Some point out that it could be damaged by flying debris; others say it will prevent the evaporation that escalates with strong winds.

Take the severity of the storm into consideration in deciding what’s right for your pool. But you should cut power to your pool equipment and cover it to protect it from excessive water. You want your equipment in prime condition when you’re cleaning up after the storm!

Here’s a few more post-storm tips:

  • Do not empty your pool. While you can lower the level to allow for added water (using your pump’s backwash feature) don’t take out more than a foot. Without water, your pool could pop out of the ground, especially if the ground around it becomes saturated, further increasing the pressure.
  • Use your skimmer – and a lawn rake if needed – to remove bulkier debris from the water. Smaller particles can be picked up by the pool vacuum. Make sure you empty your skimmer baskets and clean the filters. This is also a good time to check your pool equipment and make sure nothing was damaged in the storm.
  • Once you’ve scrubbed things down and turned the power back on, it’s time to give your pool a shock treatment. (After light rains, simply test your water and adjust chemicals as needed.) You’ll then want to test your water and put the chemicals back in balance. Finally, turn on your filtration system and run it until your water tests clean.

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