Summer Fun In Your Pool

Summer Fun In Your PoolThrow a backyard pool party this summer and be the talk of the town. With the end of summer coming around the corner, why not take time to throw one last backyard blast? Get the most out of your pool and test out some of these great pool games with the whole family and all of your neighbors.

  • Dolphin Races – Hold your breath and see who can swim the farthest underwater. Keep your feet together like a dolphin’s tail. This game can also be referred to as Mermaid Races.
  • Noodle Jousting – Put two jousters on inflatable rafts in the middle of the pool and arm them each with a noodle or two. Last one standing is the winner!
  • Octopus – This is a take on Red Rover, but in the pool. Players try to get from one end of the pool to the other without getting tagged. The resistance of the water makes it much harder, and a lot more fun.
  • Whirlpool – Have everyone start traveling in a circle around the pool. Everyone must continue going the same direction, stirring up the water into a whirlpool. This game works best in a round pool.
  • Pirates – Play a diving game. Toss an uneven number of diving sticks into the pool and the player that comes back with the most “buried treasure” is declared the winner.
  • Belly Flop Contest – This one always looks painful, but can provide hours of fun. Encourage players to do their best belly flop and award them a score. Best score wins.
  • Whack A Mole – Players bob up and down in the water, and one kids is armed with a pool noodle to bop them on the head. Hours of fun while they try to bop them all.

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