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The Best Time of Year to Purchase an Outdoor Hot Tub

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The Best Time of Year to Purchase an Outdoor Hot Tub

Are You Looking For An Outdoor Hot Tub this Season

Getting a hot tub may not be as major as having an in-ground pool built in the yard. However, a hot tub is still a major purchase, and it’s important that you’re informed before making your choice.

There are certain times of the year that are better for buying a hot tub. A number of factors can help you determine when to buy your hot tub. These factors can include your budget and the condition of your yard or outdoor space. Here are some additional outdoor hot tub buying tips that will ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

The Best Season for Buying a Hot Tub


Chances are you’ll want to spend the majority of your summer nights relaxing in your hot tub. This means you should purchase the hot tub in the winter. When the weather is colder, prices for outdoor spas and hot tubs are lower. This is because winter is not the high-demand season for hot tubs.


If you wait until the summer to buy your hot tub, you’ll likely end up paying much more. The fall season is also ideal for purchasing a hot tub. This is because the weather is noticeably cooler and the hot tub business is usually slower.


If you wait until spring, the prices will likely go up. This is because there is a greater chance that you can use your hot tub right away if you purchase it in the spring.

Essentially, the warmer the weather when you buy a hot tub, the more it will probably cost.  It may also be difficult to make an appointment with a hot tub professional. This is because several customers have questions and concerns about maintaining the hot tub in warm weather. So, it could take a while before you learn how to safely and effectively operate the hot tub.

The Best Time of Year to Purchase an Outdoor Hot Tub

What to Look For in an Outdoor Hot Tub

Now that you know to look for hot tubs when the weather is colder, you’ll need to know which features and qualities to search for as well.

The Best Dealer

One of the first things to look for is a great hot tub dealer. This is where Skovish Pools & Spas come in. Skovish offers great services and features after you’ve purchased your hot tub. You can count on our team to repair or replace the hot tub if there are any issues.


There are also several warranty options to choose from so that your hot tub purchase is protected. You’ll also get the tips you need for caring for the water hot tub parts so that the spa will last for years.


If you’re using the hot tub for therapeutic purposes, chose an outdoor hot tub with jets and advanced water temperature controls. The jets work to massage your joints and muscles. This is very beneficial if you suffer from chronic pain or engage in intense workouts.

Pain Management

Hot tubs have also been known to enhance pain management in people who have arthritis. A variety of massage settings makes the hot tub more effective when it comes to improving your health.

Skovish Pools & Spas is Here to Help

Contact Skovish Pools & Spas when you’re ready to purchase the outdoor hot tub of your dreams. This is the best place to buy a hot tub when you want to see hot tub models up close and take advantage of great prices.

Visit one of our 2 locations, Luzerne, PA, and Shickshinny, PA, where our friendly associates can answer your questions and help you narrow down your selection. Skovish Pools & Spas provides several stylish hot tub options. Many of our hot tubs have features that can improve your health, which makes owning a hot tub even more appealing.

Article updated Nov 2021

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