The Ultimate Summer Pool Party 2018

The Ultimate Summer Pool Party 2018

The summer is upon us and so is the season of pool parties! That means that you need to be prepared for your ultimate pool party this year with various pool floats, accessories, goggles, and masks to make sure your party is the best pool party ever! Here is our selection of must-have swimming pool accessories that make your party unforgettable!

Kelsyus Chaise Lounger – Who doesn’t love lounging in the pool while getting a tan? This seat is big enough to rest comfortably while not feeling the anxiety of being tipped over at any moment. Head and shoulders stay propped up and away from water, so they can stay dry and get that even tan. It also has a very useful cupholder to hold on to any cool beverages that you want while relaxing in your pool. Plus, the mesh seat ensures that cooling water will keep you from getting overheated. Can’t-lose!

ALLPAIPAI Swimming Goggles – For any pool, it’s obvious you need goggles to see underwater to either see where you’re going or to sneak up on someone unsuspecting. These goggles are anti-fog, leak-free, and have UV protection for those bright summer days where you’ll be in the pool anyway. No reason to bring sunglasses into the pool! Best of all, they are ergonomically designed so that you don’t have to worry about the straps hurting your head or eyes. This is a pool party must have!

Floating Basketball Game – This is one of the pool party must-haves of 2018! Want to play a game of basketball and swim at the same time? Done! This basketball floating game is easy for individuals or groups to have fun with. You can have teams to see who can get the goals or play chicken on the deeper end to make it more challenging. Adults and children alike can enjoy this great game, so it will never go unused.

Snorkeling Masks – Make that game of chicken even more challenging by utilizing snorkeling, as well. Snorkeling masks can be excellent to use in finding games for adults and children, and best of all, you can swim underwater while being able to breathe. Anti-fog and the ergonomic fit is essential in making a snorkeling mask fun, so make sure you get the one that has the best ratings.

Diving Rings, Sticks, and Soaker Balls – These classic brightly colored toys sink intentionally to be retrieved time and time again. Couple them with goggles or snorkeling masks to make it even more fun. The rings are easier to grab all together, the sticks work great for a diving competition, and those soaker balls are just too much fun not to chuck all over at friends and family alike.

Novelty Floats – Using any type of floats are fun, but having a huge pizza or unicorn floating in your pool will definitely signal that this is a fun pool party to be enjoyed by everyone. Get a whole pizza float that fits two people for couples or a unicorn innertube to find the truly pure of heart. Any novelty prints you choose to freshen up your pool will be well-received and bring the right atmosphere.

So, if you are ready for a great party with friends and family, make sure you have enough food, enough drinks, and enough pool accessories to keep your guests occupied and having fun! Make sure to remember all those games from your youth like Sharks and Minnows and Marco Polo as well! Have a safe and fun summer!

Are you ready to have the ultimate pool party of 2018 and need supplies to make it the absolute best?  Stop by our Luzerne, PA or Shickshinny, PA location or contact Skovish Pools & Spas today!

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