These Things Will Save You Money On A Hot Tub

These Things Will Save You Money On A Hot Tub Initially, there are some expenses when purchasing a hot tub. Acquiring the necessary accessories and chemicals to get you started can be pricey. There is no need to skimp on making sure your spa runs as it is supposed to either. Not only do we offer some of the most affordable hot tub with the Caldera and Fantasy spa brands but we can recommend some of the best tips to keep your energy and other costs down.

New Internal Technology

If you are looking to get a hot tub for your home, you are in luck. The brands we spa brands we show in our showroom in Luzerne will have the newest, energy efficient internal systems. That means the insulation in the walls of your hot tub are designed to keep the heat in effectively and the pump that has multiple speeds that help conserve energy as well. If you are already an owner, updating your pump or considering a side discharge pump versus a center discharge can save you some major energy dollars. When your optimize your spa’s function you cut those energy costs greatly.

Proper Cover

This is the one necessity for your hot tub, especially during the winter, that can get neglected and end up costing you way more than it should. Weight on the cover, weather damage and age are common reasons the cover of your spa has deteriorated and isn’t doing its job. With a damaged cover you are constantly losing heat and paying for it. Making sure your cover is doing its job and considering adding a thermal blanket under the cover will help you keep everything safe and warm when not in use.

Efficient Electronics

Such beautiful and fun designs of the controls and the lighting in your hot tub can make us forget that they are drawing energy as well. With new control systems in the Caldera and Fantasy Spa you are able to set timers, change pumps speeds and run the pump during more affordable energy usage times. You can set the timers to take breaks or run at low speeds to avoid the extra energy of starting and stopping multiple times a day.

Lighting is also an energy saver we skip over. Our models have a large selection of lighting types but LED lights are the most energy efficient to consider for your spa. If you have an older spa it is possible to have LEDs installed to cut on your energy costs. If you do not need to use the lights we recommend turning them off whenever you feel comfortable.

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