To pool or not to pool

45903149 - little girl dives into the water and shows the gesture ok

You’re on the fence about getting a swimming pool. The family’s been begging you but you’re still not sure it’s a good idea. Here are few things to consider when pondering adding a life-changing pool to your landscape.


Pools usually require extra homeowner’s insurance, which may be available as a rider on your current policy. Or you may have to purchase an entirely new policy. Check with your insurance company before making any fast decisions.

Little kids

Having small children can be both a pro and a con when it comes to pools. On one hand, they’ll need constant supervision while using it. On the other hand, they’re also some of the most likely people to get super-excited about it! It also helps keep them active and enjoy family time. A pool’s good for creating entertainment that doesn’t revolve around sitting in front of a screen!


Pools do take time and effort to maintain. Will you have the hours available for this or the funds to outsource it?


Finally, there can be no doubt that pools increase a feeling of well-being. They’re good for exercise, relaxation and socializing.

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