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Water Sanitation Tips For Hot Tubs

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Water Sanitation tips for hot tubs

Hot Tub Water Sanitation Tips

While it may be wonderful to relax in your own tub, if you don’t take care of your tub correctly, you will find that it becomes unhygienic and even dangerous to your health. This is why proper hot tub water sanitation is vital.

If you’re wondering how to maintain a hot tub and spa properly, these helpful tips will point you in the right direction, so you can minimize any risks and ensure that your and your family’s health and well-being aren’t compromised.

Hot tub care needn’t be a chore. This simple hot tub maintenance schedule will help you to plan out the essential tasks so your tub is ready for you to relax year-round. Take a look at our water sanitation tips for hot tubs.

Daily Maintenance Tips

Every day before you use your hot tub, take two minutes out of your schedule to carry out these three simple tasks:

• Test the water’s chlorine levels to ensure they are between 3 and 5 mg/l. Dose your tub according to the instructions on your chlorine container.
• Test the pH level of your tub to ensure it falls between 7.2 and 7.6. Should the pH level be outside of these parameters, then use the appropriate products to restore the balance.
• Check to see if the water is starting to foam. If it is, use an anti-foam treatment according to the packaging instructions.

Weekly Maintenance Tips

This simple ten-minute maintenance regime will keep your hot tub in good condition every week.

• Shock your tub with an appropriate oxidizing agent.
• Clean the filter with an appropriate cleaning product and swap it with a spare filter while the fibers dry.

Monthly Maintenance Tips

Every month add some scale remover to your hot tub if you live in an area that has hard water.

Other Maintenance Tips

Every few months, carry out these tasks for optimal hygiene standards.

• Clean the cover of your hot tub with a weak chlorine solution.
• Replace the hot tub filters every six months to a year.
• Change the water in your tub.

Maintaining Your Water Balance

Maintaining the appropriate water balance is essential for good hygiene in your hot tub. Here are some top tips to ensure your tub’s water balance remains at the optimal level.

Calcium Hardness

The calcium level in your tub’s water will depend on the area in which you live. While soft water usually has low calcium levels, hard water has higher levels, so checking each time you fill your tub is essential. Ideally, you need a calcium hardness level of 100 to 200mg/l, and if the level in your tub is below this, corrosion damage could occur. Conversely, calcium deposits may form on the filter cartridge element, heater element, pipework, and tub shell if the level is too high. Make sure to add the right products to keep the balance in line.


Check how alkaline your pool is each time you add fresh water. You are looking for total alkalinity of 125mg to 150mg/l. If your tub’s level drops below that level, corrosion can occur, whereas the scale starts to form if the level is too high. Adding the right product will ensure that these problems do not occur.

pH Level

Use test strips to check your tub water’s pH level. It should be 7.4 to 7.6 to protect the equipment and the tub itself while also guaranteeing effective sanitizing. Never allow the water temperature to exceed 40°C.

Water Sanitation Tips for a Hot Tub

Top Tips For Hot Tub Maintenance Safety

• Never mix any chemicals.
• Store all chemicals in a place that is dry and cool out of direct sunlight.
• Always check the instructions provided on labels and follow them correctly.
• Always add the chemicals to the water.
• Ensure chemicals are accurately measured.

Skovish Pools and Spas is here to help you with your hot tub water sanitation. Let us help you with your spa and hot tub care.

We have 2 PA locations, Luzerne and Shickshinny. We provide complete hot tub service, new purchases, and hot tub maintenance to these locations as well as far beyond the areas.   Contact Skovish Pools & Spas

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