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What Is a Plunge Pool and What Are the Benefits?

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What Is a Plunge Pool and What Are the Benefits?

Do you know what a plunge pool is? Many of us actually do not. So here is the run-down on plunge pools.

A lot of people like the look of a large pool but may not want the trouble or cost of one. Large pools are great for families, or if you want to swim laps. But what if you just want a place to cool off or relax after a hot day at work? Or what if you are into exercise and want to reap all the benefits from it you can? The answer is simple: Consider a plunge pool. Plunge pools allow you to keep cool, exercise, and relax without a hot price.

What Are the Benefits of a Plunge Pool?

There are several benefits. First, they are cheaper to build than vinyl, fiberglass or concrete pools. Plunge pools take up a lot less space than a traditional pool. They are easier to maintain because the algae that plague larger pools are usually not a problem. For people who are concerned with the use of water, this type of pool has a lower water requirement. Plunge pools can also use top-shelf materials, such as finer woods and metals, for a beautiful aesthetic. You may even want to think about incorporating a fountain or a waterfall.

Other Benefits

Some people opt to get a plunge pool because of its therapeutic benefits. People in China and Italy have been using these pools for centuries. They believe it has anti-inflammatory properties. Athletes also like them. They believe they help to keep the pain down and ensure a speedy recovery. You can place a plunge pool next to a hot water spa for double the benefits.

How Deep Should A Plunge Pool Be? Can You Swim in a Plunge Pool?

Many experts recommend that plunge pools be at least 5 feet deep. If you want a deeper pool, many pool companies can do that. Some plunge pools are as deep as 8 feet.

Depending on its size, you may be able to take a swim. Some models are 10 to 15 feet long, which is long enough for short laps.

What Else Should I Know About Plunge Pools?

Companies make plunge pools precast. That means once the pool company digs a hole, it can pop the pool right in. Other people prefer to have their plunge pools constructed much like a concrete pool. The pool company will construct a metal frame and, then, spray the concrete onto it. You can also choose different types of wood, metal, and finishes for the plunge pool. For example, some people like to use copper or stainless steel for a truly unique look.

Plunge pools can operate either with a mix of metals and a tiny bit of chlorine or as a saltwater pool. Many people would prefer to use as few chemicals as possible. Therefore, they opt for metal fusion pools. Because of the health benefits of a saltwater pool, some people would rather have one of these installed. Saltwater plunge pools can help to reduce inflammation and soften skin. Also, because these pools are smaller, they’re easier to heat in colder weather and won’t cost that much to heat. This means you may be able to use your plunge pool year-round.

If you are thinking about getting a plunge pool, contact Skovish Pools & Spas. We can answer all your questions, and how it can fit beautifully within your backyard layout and architectural décor. We also can talk to you about a combination of a plunge pool with a saltwater spa.

Give us a call today about plunge pool installation in Pennsylvania. We have two locations: Luzerne PA, and Shickshinny, PA.

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