What to Do With a Hot Tub in the Summer

What to Do With a Hot Tub in the Summer

Stress is a major problem these days. In fact, more than one-third of the population feels that they’re under extreme stress each day.

Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to alleviate that stress, but what happens during summer when it’s too hot to use your hot tub the way you’d like?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cover your hot tub during the warmer months. You just need to change the way you use it. Here are a few ways to help you enjoy your home spa this summer.

Soak in Your Hot Tub at Night

Soaking in hot tubs during the day when the temperatures are at their highest isn’t pleasant during the summer months. Instead, try soaking in your hot tub at night once the temperatures drop.

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm water without feeling like you’re going to overheat. Even better, you’ll be able to soak without worrying about sunburn or glare hurting your eyes.

You might just find the experience more comfortable all-around. The warm summer nights will still be cool enough to make soaking pleasurable, but warm enough that you won’t tense up from the temperature change as soon as you get out of the water.

Crank It Up in the Morning

During the summer months, the coolest part of the day is often early in the morning. Use this to your advantage and soak away the stiffness in your muscles during the early hours.

Soaking in the morning will let you keep tension at bay for the rest of the day which can make you more productive for the rest of the day.

You’ll get rid of those troublesome aches and pains that can distract you from your work. When you’re better able to focus on the tasks at hand, you’ll be able to get more done, thereby reducing your stress at the end of the day.

By making a morning soak a habit, you’ll likely see a dramatic decrease in stress throughout the summer.

Turn the Thermostat Down

When the summer heat gets to be too much to bear, all you want to do is soak in cool water. It’s the easiest way to beat the heat.

One of the best ways to use a hot tub in the summer is to simply lower the thermostat and heat the water to a lower temperature. Believe it or not, the ideal temperature for recreational swimming pools is between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

This assumes you’re going to be moving around in the water. If you’re going to sit still in your hot tub, you can actually set the water temperature as high as 93 degrees and still feel cool.

Remember, as long as the water is cooler than your body temperature, it will help you cool off.

Try These Summer Hot Tub Ideas for Yourself

Summertime doesn’t mean you can’t use your hot tub whenever the urge strikes. It just means you need to use it a little differently.

Try these great summertime hot tub solutions and stay relaxed no matter how hot the weather gets.

If you notice that your hot tub isn’t working properly or just want an experienced pro to help you figure out the right maintenance routine for summer use, don’t panic. Contact us today to speak with our dedicated team.