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When Should I – You Open Your Pool?

When Should I - You Open Your Pool?
When Should I Open My Pool?

So The Question Every Winter For Pool Owners is, “When Should I Open My Pool?”

During the winter season, we’re sure you’re looking outside and fantasizing about when you’ll be taking a dip in your pool again! You may be wondering when the best time to open your pool may be, and we have the answers you need to ensure you’re opening and using your pool at just the right time.

Whether above ground or in-ground pools, Luzerne county residents, as well as the surrounding PA county residents, should be paying close attention to the weather first before getting their supplies and their pool ready for the warm weather swimming season!

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to opening your pool is to check the weather, and when the temperatures for the day reach at least 70 degrees every day on average, it’s time to get that pool up and running!

You may be eager to open it up during those first “false summer” spring days in April or May when we have a week or two of 70+ degree weather, but we suggest making sure ’70s are an everyday thing before really getting your pool ready and opening it up. This magic temperature is the magic temperature for a reason, and waiting until it’s this warm to open your pool does you and your pool a lot of good.

What Happens If I Open My Pool Too Early?

If you open your pool too early, you may find that you’re battling algae more than normal. Pools are often placed in or near direct sunlight, and if the temperature gets just about this warm in the sun, and your pool is subject to sunlight, you may find yourself really battling algae towards the end of the season or throughout the season altogether. For this reason, waiting a little while until your pool doesn’t need to be in direct sun all of the time can help you to fight the algae blooms.

What Happens If I Open My Pool Too Late?

Opening too late will cause you to lose time with your pool, and we certainly don’t want that! If you open a month later, say, when the temperatures are around 80 degrees on average each day, it will seem as though you’re opening it up and closing it up with little time for fun in between. By waiting until the magic 70 degrees mark is here, you’re maximizing your quality time with your pool and your family!

As the new 2022 hot season is around the corner, get on the schedule to open your pool. Our pool opening schedule fills up quickly, so get in touch with us to set the best time that works for you as well as the weather.

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