Why Fantasy Spas Are the Best Vacation Money Can Buy

Why Fantasy Spas Are the Best Vacation Money Can Buy

Despite what some people think, hot tubs are an enjoyable addition to your home all year long. Whether there’s snow falling or the sun’s shining, the massaging jets and soothing warm water provide hours of relaxation.

Still not convinced you need a backyard hot tub of your own? Keep reading for the benefits of owning a Fantasy Spa, including features and pricing.

Grab your towel and let’s get into it!

Fantasy Spas Are an Investment

The average person spends nearly $150 per day to go on vacation. Vacations are a healthy part of life. Taking a break from the stress and obligations of reality helps you return renewed and motivated.

But for those who can’t afford an annual vacation, investing in a spa is a much smarter financial decision. Fantasy Spa’s prices start at around $3,000. 

That means that your luxury spa will be paid for with the money spent on just a couple of getaways. Not to mention, having a backyard spa is convenient and offers plenty of privacy.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

This is one of the main reasons to invest in a backyard hot tub. Different from the family pool which is usually bustling with activity, your fantasy spa is an oasis from the chaos of your busy life.

The soothing warm water and massaging jets help you unwind after a stressful day. Enjoy it alone or with friends for the ultimate experience.

Muscle Recovery and Healing

Aside from the relaxation that a Fantasy Spa offers, hydrotherapy is a popular choice for muscle recovery following exercise. Jets from the hot tub massage sore and tired muscles. That, combined with the warmth, helps release tense muscles and reduce the build-up of lactic acid. 

You’ll also experience improved circulation – an important part of rehabilitation and releasing toxins. 

A Fantasy Spa can prevent injury, promote recovery, and offer pain relief. 

Entertainment With Friends and Family

Fantasy Spas are large enough to hold your closest friends and family during a party or a night of entertaining, but intimate enough to provide a relaxing experience.

Join friends and family for a quiet evening looking at the stars or chatting about your day. Oversized pools make it hard to have one-on-one, meaningful conversations. Leave playtime for the pool and use your fantasy spa to unwind from a hard day.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Just a few minutes in your hot tub before bed is the perfect way to destress and relax both your mind and body. The warm water helps to increase your body temperature and slow your heart rate, helping achieve the optimal temperature for sleep.

You’ll also benefit from fewer aches and pains when climbing into bed thanks to your spa’s massaging jets.

Welcome Relaxation Into Your Backyard Today

Fantasy Spas

Fantasy Spas provide an escape from reality without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Having a backyard hot tub is convenient, affordable, and an indulgence everyone deserves.

Not only do Fantasy Spas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they’re also portable!

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