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Spa and Pool FAQ's


Pool, Spa, Shipping and Financing FAQ's

Pool FAQ's

Proper maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and protect the safety of your pool. Check your pool’s equipment regularly to ensure that it is working properly. When it’s time for replacement parts or new equipment, visit our helpful Backyard Place store for any of the following.

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Safety Equipment

You can easily and safely complete most of the water testing and maintenance that your pool requires.  Our Backyard Place staff is ready to provide you with all the supplies and helpful advice you need.

  • Water Testing
  • Chemicals

Our Backyard Place store staff has put together a full selection of accessories that will complete your outdoor living experience.

  • Patio Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Fireplaces
  • Pool toys
  • Supplies

The end of cold weather spells the beginning of pool time for you and your family. Starting up your above ground pool is a quick and simple process. By following a short list of startup measures, you’ll ensure your pool is swim-ready when you are.

  • Remove your winter cover. Clean and protect it and store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the pool bottom.
  • Inspect your plumbing and check all connections for proper installation and operation.
  • Add water up to the level recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Once the water is at the desired level, add an algaecide, as recommended by your pool care professional and shock the pool.
  • Run the filter until the water runs clear.
  • Check the water balance.

You purchased a pool for the enjoyment, not the upkeep. Your above ground pool is designed with this concept in mind – right down to its easy winterizing steps.

In regions where below zero temperatures are common, you must be more careful in protecting your pool against ice expansion. For region-specific advice, ALWAYS be sure to consult your authorized dealer.

  • Your winterizing process begins by conducting an inspection of the pool. When the weather shifts toward cooler temps, take a few minutes, walk around the pool and check out the connections and the liner. Make sure both are secure and in good condition. The winter climate puts us all to the test, and your pool is no different. Making certain it is in prime working order before it begins its winter rest will ensure an easy spring start up.
  • Lower the water level to about one-foot below the skimmer holes. You should maintain this level throughout the winter months, so be sure to make adjustments if necessary following heavy rain or snow.
  • Before shutdown, take a sample of your water to your chemical provider for water analysis. The dealer will provide instructions to balance the water as needed.
  • Clean the pool by brushing the walls, skimming the water surface and vacuuming the bottom of the pool. Empty the pump and skimmer baskets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean or backwash the filter. Use a filter cleaner or degreaser, following the label instructions.
  • Shock the pool water before you shut things down and include an algaecide treatment. Run your filter 24-48 hours before you close down the pool to ensure the water is as clean as possible for the winter. Your chemical supplier may also suggest a winterizing agent that will expedite your springtime startup.
  • Check with your  Pools dealer about protection for pipes and equipment. Store any off-line items (ladders, skimmer baskets, etc.).
  • Cover the pool with a high-quality winter cover that prevents debris from accumulating.  Liners are designed to be left up all winter, but are subject to the warranty of your specific liner.
  • Keep in mind, a pool that is left up during winter months must NOT be allowed to leak. All leaks must be found and immediately repaired. Any water leakage that goes undetected, particularly if it occurs after the top surface freezes in winter conditions, will create the opportunity for damage to the pool liner, wall and framework.

Proper maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and protect the safety of your pool. Check your pool’s equipment regularly to ensure that it is working properly. When it’s time for replacement parts or new equipment, visit our helpful Backyard Place store for any of the following.

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Safety Equipment

Spa FAQ's

The first thing to consider is the spa’s location. The area should be free from overhead obstructions and trip hazards but a degree of privacy should also be considered. A sheltered area is probably preferable, especially as exposed sites, subject to wind and rain, can increase the running costs of your spa.

Select the material that is going to surround the spa carefully. For instance, gravel and grass can easily be carried into the spa on the soles of feet.
If the spa is to be located on a concrete slab then a minimum thickness of 4ins (102mm) is required. If it’s to be located on raised decking then make sure that any calculations take into account the combined weight of the spa with water and people so that a suitable foundation can be built.

Before the spa arrives check the width of gateways and fences so that there is a clear access route. Watch out for overhanging gutters, tree branches, or power / telephone lines, anything which could obstruct the route or cause possible harm. Take note of steps or steep slopes which can also cause a possible hazard.

All the work must be carried out by a qualified electrician who will issue a certificate to show conformity. The spa will require a suitable fused spur with an isolator and an R.C.C.D of maximum 30 milliamp trip rating. The spa must be either hard wired back to the breaker or wired via a suitable waterproof outdoor connector, providing it conforms to the regulations.

A nearby drain is important as all Caldera spas come with external drain ports from which to drain the spa. While most water authorities will allow you to discharge into the normal drains it is worth checking if they require you to lower the chemical levels prior to discharging. If draining into a cesspit or septic tank please take care as you do not want the high sanitiser content killing off any beneficial bacteria.

Yes, all spas that keep the water in for longer than a single bathing session must have chemicals applied. The approved sanisters for your Caldera spa are chlorine in tablet or granular form, bromine or BaquaSpa (p.h.m.b). Any one of these sanisters will keep the water wholesome if applied in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The water in your spa should be chemically treated and the chemical levels should be kept within the parameters advocated in the BISHTA (45.3KB PDF file size)(British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) guidelines, as these are proven to ensure safe bathing.

If your spa is fitted with an Ozonator then it is complimentary to, and not in place of any form of chemical treatment, since the Ozonator does not produce any residual sanitiser to keep the water safe when the pump is turned off.

Your Caldera dealer will be able to provide you with further advice on the chemical treatment of your spa.

The water that is used for filling and cleaning the spa should be clear in appearance and be in the pH range of 7.2 – 7.8; have a total hardness of 50 – 400ppm calcium carbonate; and have a Total Dissolved Solids level of less than 1000p.p.m. If in doubt, your local water authority should be able to supply you with this information.

If your water comes from a well or borehole then you should ensure that it meets these parameters before filling your spa. The usual method of filling a spa is by a garden hose, this should always be run for several minutes to get rid of any residual water in the hose to prevent the possibility of Legionella entering the spa.

It is widely recognized that prolonged immersion in warm water coupled with gentle or deep massage offers a measurable health benefit. The ideal bathing session will be around 20 minutes in duration, in water between 36- 38oC. The elevated temperature increases blood circulation thereby giving a mild cardiovascular workout. With the increased temperature, perspiration occurs, thus removing toxins and increasing kidney functions. Caldera is the official Hot Tub sponsor for the American Institute of Stress which in turn endorses the benefits of Caldera spas.

Please note, if you have a medical condition or are using any medication such as beta blockers or Warfarin, medical advice should be sought from your G.P as, while there are undoubtedly numerous quantifiable benefits from spa bathing, there may be a need for some guidance.

Buying a spa with an air blower fitted is a matter of taste, some people find that when the air blower is running the bubbling water is a little over powering. If, however, you are serious about getting the best massage experience in your spa, an air blower giving blown air through the seat of the spa is a must. The water hydrotherapy jets give localized massage whereas the air blower gives a gentle all-over massage.

Absolutely not! With Caldera the superiority of the massage experience is the combination and quality of jets offering different massage patterns, from the Magna Ssage jet which is a constantly rotating jet giving a soothing stroking massage, through the OrbiSsage which produces a unique, pulsating massage pattern to the Euro jet which is used in the Atlas neck massage system which is the finest neck massage system on the market today.

Use all the jets in the Hot Tub Therapy Circuit and it is just like having your own personal trainer! Simply move from one jet position to another, starting at the mildest and moving on to the deepest most penetrating massage which will really revive those tired aching muscles. Finally, finish off with a mild massage, then lie back and enjoy the water for its warmth and soothing qualities.

Shipping FAQ's

Only the Fantasy Spas can be picked up by the customer.

Our Caldera Spas come with free delivery, set-up, insulated locking cover, sub-panel box and start-up chemicals.

Financing FAQ's

We offer a wide variety of finance options through our partners at Wells Fargo & LightStream, a Division of SunTrust Bank

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