Wyoming County PA Pool Builders & Pool Service

Wyoming County PA Pool Builders & Pool Service

Wyoming County PA Pool Builders and Pool Service

Did you know there are 10.4 million pools in the United States? If you’re looking to have your pool serviced or if you need one installed, you’ve come to the right place. Skovish Pools and Spas your Wyoming County PA Pool Builders can customize and build your dream pool. 

Learn more about these pool builders and how they can make your dream become a reality. 

Inground Pools 

If you’re thinking about adding an inground pool to your space, you want to know how it will look. When working with the Wyoming County PA Pool Builders, you’re able to draw up and design just what you’re looking for. 

For over 30 Skovish Pools and Spas has become experts in building customized pools. They explain the whole process before giving you a quote. 

When it comes to inground pools, you’ll have to have a large enough space for the pool builders to plan it out and use the necessary equipment to dig into the ground. Many times, you have to ensure there are no underground wires or pipes that could be in the way.

Once this process has begun, the hole will be shaped with concrete/gunite or perhaps a vinyl liner to complete the inside foundation of the pool.

After the pool is filled with water, the pool pump is installed to circulate the water. This circulation is important when it comes to keeping your pool clean. 

They also help you to choose the landscaping that goes around your pool. They suggest different plants and bushes based on the type of pool you choose. 

Above Ground Pools 

These pools can come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re a great alternative to an inground pool. Instead of impacting the ground at your home, you’re choosing to build up. Above ground pools are so desirable because they help you save money.  

Another desirable feature is that an above ground pool can be up and running within a couple of days. If you pick an inground pool, you could be waiting 2-3 weeks for it to be complete. 

These pools come in either a steel or aluminum frame. Once you make this decision, the pool builders start working on building the frame and setting up the area. These pools are sturdy because the walls are also made out of either steel or aluminum. 

This helps keep the shape of the pool and hold the water in, even if it is faced with severe weather. Just like an inground pool, this pool needs a filter system for circulation. 

If you’re looking to move and take your pool with you, that is an option. This takes a day to do so, but this is an option you don’t have with inground pools. 

You aren’t limited on size either. Depending on the price and the available space, you could choose a circle, square, or rectangle pool. 

Maintenance Services

If this is the first time you’re owning a pool, you may not know how to take care of the pool after installation. That’s why Skovish Pools and Spas, the Wyoming County PA pool services are able to assist you all year long. 

There is maintenance and cleaning that take place over the open months. This ensures the pool is running at maximum efficiency. By taking care of your pool, it is going to last year after year. 

These pool builders in Wyoming County can help you with chemistry management. Proper chemical levels are vital for 2 reasons.

The first reason is so that everyone swimming in your pool is safe. The other reason is that the pool remains crystal clear. It is going to look even more inviting when it is clean and beautiful.

Pool School 

Skovish Pools and Spas Wyoming County PA Pool Service offers the option to attend a pool school. This school is going to increase your knowledge on all things pool-related. 

You’ll learn how to open the pool for the summer season, how to close it in the winter, and how to keep it entertainment-ready. You’ll also learn how to operate the filter and how to backwash the pool to get rid of debris. However, when in doubt and you run into a snag. Skovish Pools and Spas will come to your immediate rescue. No worries at all.

Wyoming County PA Pool Builders 

When you’re looking into purchasing a pool, make sure you turn to the experts. They can give you all the knowledge on maintenance, long-term care, and how to make the perfect entertainment space. Be sure to check out Skovish Pools and Spas the leading Wyoming County PA Pool Builders.

Small Yard: How About a Cocktail Pool?

Small Yard: How About a Cocktail Pool?

Do You Have a Small Yard: How About a Cocktail Pool?

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to build lasting memories with your family, but there are also many other benefits. If you’ve always dreamed of having a pool but thought your backyard was too small, there’s good news! Cocktail pools are perfect for a small yard.

Read on to learn how a small pool in a small yard can make a big difference in your family’s life!

What Is a Cocktail Pool?

A cocktail pool is a very small swimming pool. They’re usually around 12 feet wide by 14 feet long and have a depth of four feet. But they’re much more than just a pool.

Cocktail pool ideas range from installing water jets and a heater to making it part of an outdoor movie theater. Cocktail pools can even be installed indoors. There are so many ways to enjoy these innovative pools.

How Do You Install a Cocktail Pool?

The installation process for a cocktail pool is similar to installing a larger pool. Depending on the options and features you want to add to your pool, there may be some additional site work and landscaping necessary. This is not a DIY project – bring in the professionals to add a cocktail pool to your backyard.

The cocktail pool size makes installation faster than other pool designs. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to install a cocktail pool is about half the price of a typical-sized backyard swimming pool. This is due to its smaller size. A general rule of thumb is to budget around $25,000 for a complete installation, but it’s important to get a formal quote to understand all the costs. 

The cost to operate and maintain this type of pool is also lower. You’ll save money and enjoy your home more!

What Can I Do With a Small Pool?

While a cocktail pool isn’t going to be the right size for swim training or big pool parties, it is still one of the best small yard ideas to bring families and friends together. Here are some ways you can make it part of your life:

  • Relax after a hard day
  • Splash around with the family
  • Keep cool during the heat of the summer
  • Add an outdoor kitchen for a swim-up dining area
  • Make it part of an outdoor movie theater
  • Add water jets for a combination pool/spa

Adding a pool to your backyard, even a small one, is a great way to create opportunities for fun. It can also add increase the resale value of your home.

Take the Splash

If you’ve always wanted a swimming pool but didn’t think you had enough room in your backyard, think again. You can add a cocktail pool in less than 200 square feet that provides all the fun of a large pool in minimal space. Host a mini pool party for your friends or relax after a long hard day. 

To learn more about these charming pools, contact us today. We can help you plan the perfect swimming pool for your lifestyle and budget. 

The Best Above-Ground Pools, Lycoming County PA

The Best Above-Ground Pools, Lycoming County PA

Looking For The Best Above-Ground Pools Dealer in Lycoming County, PA?

Over 8 million U.S. households have above-ground pools, or pools that aren’t dug into the ground. 

Above-ground pools are becoming a popular choice as a cost-effective way of relaxing in the summer. Are you thinking about purchasing one for your household?

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