The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis Owners

The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis OwnersChoosing to have an above swimming pool installed is a big decision. This area offers a place to relax, unwind, and melt away the rigors from the day. It also provides you with a location to exercise and improve personal hygiene. However, not all Shickshinny residents are knowledgeable on how to properly maintain the chemical balances, filter changes, and other cleaning-related aspects. These actions help the water stay crystal clear or promote algae growth while leaving it looking murky and unpleasant. Allow our team of professionals to teach you the ins and outs of pool school, while they keep pool H2O looking its best. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Pool School To Shickshinny Backyard Oasis Owners”

Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED Lighting

Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED LightingLighting is an essential tool for creating an aesthetically appealing atmosphere, that doubles as a safe environment for night swimming. LED lights offer a variety of different benefits to consumers that conventional pool lamps just can’t match. They are available in a wide range of colors to let your unique style shine, or you can keep it simple with traditional white or clear shades. This type of pool equipment illuminates brightly and helps guests see, to prevent injuries, while you are hosting parties. Continue reading “Reasons To Upgrade Outdated Pool Equipment With LED Lighting”

Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important

Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important If you’re a Shickshinny or Luzerne area resident and you own a pool, there’s a good chance that it’s one of the biggest investments you’ve made in your home. Because of this, taking care of it properly is incredibly important. Maintenance throughout the season is obviously important, but as the warm days draw to a close it’s time to start considering the process of closing down your pool for the year. Continue reading “Why Letting The Pros Handle Your Pool Closing Is So Important”

Protect your back while closing your pool

36455544 - young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leavesIt’s closing time!! That is, it’s the time of year where backyard swimming pool owners are starting to close up shop for the season … or at least making plans to do so.

Unless you’re a new pool owner, you most likely have this process down to a science. You prep you gear. Make sure you’re not missing anything and have everything ready to go. If you ARE a new pool owner, click here (it’ll help!)

Irrespective of you pool ownership tenure, though, it’s always important to remember that protecting your swimming pool over the non-swimming months comes SECOND to protecting yourself.

Put another way: you shouldn’t injure yourself while closing your pool … this is especially important to remember if you are one of the estimated 80 percent of Americans adults who have suffered from back pain in their life.

With the pervasiveness of this sort of injury, it’s paramount that pool owners focus on injury prevention while closing and winterizing their swimming pool. Remember, this process involves picking up boxes of chemicals, wielding awkward brushes and nets, lugging around hoses and pool covers and ultimately, repeatedly bending over and twisting at the waist.

The good news is that using proper technique while completing these tasks will all but eliminate your risk of injury.

Click here to get some simple, easy-to-follow tips for protecting your back while closing your pool (or doing anything else for that matter!).

The Basics Of Pool Construction

The Basics Of Pool ConstructionMaking the decision to install a pool in your home is something that we know can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to it, which is why if you’re considering pool construction Shickshinny residents should have a basic idea of just what to expect.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the key elements of pool construction in Shickshinny. It should help give you the clearest picture of what will happen on the road to your backyard oasis. Continue reading “The Basics Of Pool Construction”

It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look

It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look Over the last couple of decades, homeowners who wanted to cool off in their backyard had two main pool options – in ground or above ground pools. Those in the Luzerne area, like most of the country, generally regarded in ground pools as the only ‘real’ pool option. That’s thanks largely to the prevalence of cheap above ground options from department stores that barely managed to last a year. Continue reading “It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look”

Hot-tub Halloween!

21967631 - group of halloween jack o lanterns and decor with black backgroundJust because you might have outgrown trick-or-treating (it might seem a little creepy to do as an adult), it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun this Halloween.

Heat up your cauldron, or rather, your Skovish spa, and invite a few friends over for a spook-tacular celebration. The real fun is in the planning and with that in mind, here are a few timely tips:

  • Prepare! Pick up some cheap carpet runners and use them to create a water-absorbent path from the back door to the bathroom. Put out a few extra towels for those who forget to bring their own. And think ahead where you want guests to put their wet swimsuits. Otherwise, you might walk in on a soggy pile in the corner!
  • Thinking of putting some dry ice in your hot tub for effect? Don’t do it! It will quickly lower the temperature and pH level, and having so much concentrated carbon dioxide in your face isn’t cool. Opt instead for water colored by LED lights or pool water dye – blood red is popular this time of the year! Or, rent a fog machine for the night.
  • Set the mood with some music, especially if you have a sound system built into your Skovish spa. You can only play “Monster Mash” so many times… use your creativity and come up with a fitting soundtrack for your soiree. “Werewolves of London,” anyone?
  • When it comes to creating some perfectly bone-chilling drinks and munchies, let your imagination run wild! But keep a few things in mind. First, hot tubs and alcohol don’t mix! Serve cocktails inside, away from the water, after you’ve shut the hot tub down. Or check out these mocktails, alcohol-free drinks that you can serve (in plastic goblets) in the spa. In planning your menu, think of finger foods (figuratively, or literally in the case of cocktail sausages with an onion fingernail). These foods don’t need a plate. If you want to get more elaborate, save it for indoors.
  • Got a laptop? Bring out some scary movies, some classic Bela Lugosi, the campy “Evil Dead” or the always popular Freddy Krueger. And enjoy them in clips – you shouldn’t stay in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes, or 45 minutes if you turn the temperature down a few degrees. You may choose to create a viewing area where guests can relax while waiting to go back in the hot tub!

Now doesn’t this sound like a lot more fun than walking the neighborhood in search of a candy bar? Happy Halloween, everyone!

Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy Rain

Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy RainAlthough hurricanes are a very rare problem for the in-ground pools of Shickshinny, Luzerne, or the rest of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley, we do experience a few heavy downpours every year.  And while the occasional shower or five-minute thunderstorm isn’t a big problem for pool owners, a long and heavy rain can cause some real problems when it comes to pool chemistry and algae contamination. Continue reading “Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy Rain”