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Pool and Spa Chemicals

pool and spa chemicals
Pool and spa chemicals, rubber duckies

Pool and Spa Chemicals

Skovish Pools and Spas offers a complete line of pool and spa chemicals, supplies and accessories, from spa covers to scented oils to your rubber ducky!

Leisure Time

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care. During that time, spas have become more luxurious and consumers more sophisticated. To continue earning its position as the leader in spa water care, Leisure Time continually improves its product line, the program and the packaging that elegantly wraps up years of innovation. 

Plus, Leisure Time has developed Simple Spa Care®, an easy-to-follow program that allows spa owners to spend more time in their spas and less time maintaining them.

Leisure Time
Spa Chemicals

Skovish Pools & Spas is a one-stop-and-shop pool and spa company providing everything you need for your pool and or spa. From the installation of both inground pools, above-ground pools, and spas, our services do not end there. We have two store locations Luzerne and Shickshinny. Both stores have all your needs, from accessories, supplies, chemicals and more.

Leisure Time Santiization

Leisure Time Free® System

Chlorine-free, bromine-free, odor-free and hassle-free sanitizing system from Leisure Time® Spa.

Leisure Time Santiization

Spa Shocks and Sanitizers

One-step sanitizers, low odor, low dust, multi-functional, non chlorine oxidizer treatments and more.

Pool and Spa Chemicals, balancers and clarifiers

Spa Balancers and Clarifiers

Alkalinity, PH, calcium increasers and decreasers. Algaecides for sparkling clean water and more.

Pool and Spa Chemicals, cleaners

Cleaners For Covers and Filters

Cover care and conditioners, easy-to-use filter and cartridge cleaners. Prevent buildup on plumbing cleaners.

Pool and Spa Chemicals, Stain and Scale

Stain and Scale Defenders

Prevent and aid in the removal of scale formation, staining of spa surfaces from iron, copper and other minerals

Skovish Pools & Spas

Spa Kits and Accessories

Chlorine and bromine start-up kits, spa support kits, fast gloss, leak sealers and test strips.

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