It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look

It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look Over the last couple of decades, homeowners who wanted to cool off in their backyard had two main pool options – in ground or above ground pools. Those in the Luzerne area, like most of the country, generally regarded in ground pools as the only ‘real’ pool option. That’s thanks largely to the prevalence of cheap above ground options from department stores that barely managed to last a year. Continue reading “It May Be Time To Give Above Ground Pools A Second Look”

Hot-tub Halloween!

21967631 - group of halloween jack o lanterns and decor with black backgroundJust because you might have outgrown trick-or-treating (it might seem a little creepy to do as an adult), it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun this Halloween.

Heat up your cauldron, or rather, your Skovish spa, and invite a few friends over for a spook-tacular celebration. The real fun is in the planning and with that in mind, here are a few timely tips:

  • Prepare! Pick up some cheap carpet runners and use them to create a water-absorbent path from the back door to the bathroom. Put out a few extra towels for those who forget to bring their own. And think ahead where you want guests to put their wet swimsuits. Otherwise, you might walk in on a soggy pile in the corner!
  • Thinking of putting some dry ice in your hot tub for effect? Don’t do it! It will quickly lower the temperature and pH level, and having so much concentrated carbon dioxide in your face isn’t cool. Opt instead for water colored by LED lights or pool water dye – blood red is popular this time of the year! Or, rent a fog machine for the night.
  • Set the mood with some music, especially if you have a sound system built into your Skovish spa. You can only play “Monster Mash” so many times… use your creativity and come up with a fitting soundtrack for your soiree. “Werewolves of London,” anyone?
  • When it comes to creating some perfectly bone-chilling drinks and munchies, let your imagination run wild! But keep a few things in mind. First, hot tubs and alcohol don’t mix! Serve cocktails inside, away from the water, after you’ve shut the hot tub down. Or check out these mocktails, alcohol-free drinks that you can serve (in plastic goblets) in the spa. In planning your menu, think of finger foods (figuratively, or literally in the case of cocktail sausages with an onion fingernail). These foods don’t need a plate. If you want to get more elaborate, save it for indoors.
  • Got a laptop? Bring out some scary movies, some classic Bela Lugosi, the campy “Evil Dead” or the always popular Freddy Krueger. And enjoy them in clips – you shouldn’t stay in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes, or 45 minutes if you turn the temperature down a few degrees. You may choose to create a viewing area where guests can relax while waiting to go back in the hot tub!

Now doesn’t this sound like a lot more fun than walking the neighborhood in search of a candy bar? Happy Halloween, everyone!

Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy Rain

Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy RainAlthough hurricanes are a very rare problem for the in-ground pools of Shickshinny, Luzerne, or the rest of Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley, we do experience a few heavy downpours every year.  And while the occasional shower or five-minute thunderstorm isn’t a big problem for pool owners, a long and heavy rain can cause some real problems when it comes to pool chemistry and algae contamination. Continue reading “Remember To Prepare Before A Heavy Rain”

Stormy weather!

78716042_S (2)With all the hurricanes, tornadoes and more hitting the country, the residual storms heading our way seem tame in comparison. But that doesn’t diminish the devastating effect a strong storm can take on your Skovish pool.

Taking precautions before the storm, such as sloping the area surrounding the pool by quarter-inch increments away from the pool, definitely help. Store patio furniture and pool toys in a secure area. As for leaving your pool cover in place, opinions differ. Some point out that it could be damaged by flying debris; others say it will prevent the evaporation that escalates with strong winds.

Take the severity of the storm into consideration in deciding what’s right for your pool. But you should cut power to your pool equipment and cover it to protect it from excessive water. You want your equipment in prime condition when you’re cleaning up after the storm!

Here’s a few more post-storm tips:

  • Do not empty your pool. While you can lower the level to allow for added water (using your pump’s backwash feature) don’t take out more than a foot. Without water, your pool could pop out of the ground, especially if the ground around it becomes saturated, further increasing the pressure.
  • Use your skimmer – and a lawn rake if needed – to remove bulkier debris from the water. Smaller particles can be picked up by the pool vacuum. Make sure you empty your skimmer baskets and clean the filters. This is also a good time to check your pool equipment and make sure nothing was damaged in the storm.
  • Once you’ve scrubbed things down and turned the power back on, it’s time to give your pool a shock treatment. (After light rains, simply test your water and adjust chemicals as needed.) You’ll then want to test your water and put the chemicals back in balance. Finally, turn on your filtration system and run it until your water tests clean.

Visit our outlets in Luzerne and Shickshinny for pool products and advice on proper pool care. Remember, we’re always only a phone call away!

Pool Deck Materials For Your Above-Ground Pool

Pool Deck Materials For Your Above-Ground Pool It’s an exciting time, as you’ve finally decided that a pool is a worthwhile investment for you and your family. Congratulations – you could not have made a better choice! Now comes the difficult part of deciding between an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool in Luzerne. The decision may be more difficult than you think, as above-ground pools in Luzerne are no longer an ugly eyesore. With a pool deck, you can improve the look, access, and safety of your above-ground Luzerne pool. Continue reading “Pool Deck Materials For Your Above-Ground Pool”

Protect Your Pool This Fall

Protect Your Pool This FallAs the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn, there are some measures you should take to help protect your pool in-ground pool in Shickshinny. Caring for your pool is a year-round commitment, even if your pool does not receive as much use in the fall as it does during the summer. Consider the following to help keep your in-ground Shickshinny pool in top shape and ensure it will be ready for use next season. Continue reading “Protect Your Pool This Fall”

Feeding your (swimming) addiction

Caldera-Vacanza-2014-Salina-WhitePearl-Espresso-Lifestyle-01 (750x1000)Here are a couple of cold, hard facts about the Skovish pool in your backyard.

First, admit it, swimming is addictive! It feels good to slip into the water and, with buoyancy removing all pressure from the joints, race around like a kid again. Because water offers much more resistance than air, you can get a real work-out.

With the endorphins racing, you’re high on life!

But you live in Pennsylvania and that means, unless your pool is inside, it will soon close for the season. Sure, there are a few people who cocoon themselves in a wet suit and squeeze out a few extra weeks. But if you’re not a polar bear, it’s time to call it quits when the average temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unless …

  • Check out your community indoor pools. Local schools often open their pools to residents, usually for a small fee. Is there a YMCA nearby? They also offer exercise classes, lap times, and simple recreational swims. The down side? Because it is public, you could face a larger range of contaminants, leading to everything from athlete’s foot to more serious water-borne diseases.
  • Plan your vacations accordingly. To twist a familiar phrase, it’s summertime somewhere. With bathing suit in hand, you can find a welcoming beach (or all-inclusive coastal resort with 14 pools – don’t laugh, it’s true). Click here to find some popular island escapes.
  • Finally, our personal favorite. Check out the spas at our Luzerne and Shickshinny outlets. It’s the best of both worlds, relaxing in the warm jets of a hot tub between the exercises that burn more calories than you can imagine. It’ll be right outside your door, ready whenever you are. Bring it on, and be ready for bathing suit season when you open your Skovish pool next spring!

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Pool

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Pool Did you deal with rodents or pests entering your in-ground pool in Luzerne this past summer? This can be a frustrating issue that can discourage you and your family from using your pool. Hopefully, you won’t have issues with rodents over the winter, as your pool should be securely covered. But as you reflect on the past pool season, you can consider these tips to prevent rodents from entering your in-ground Luzerne pool next summer. Continue reading “Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Pool”

The Basics Of A Great Pool Remodel

The Basics Of A Great Pool Remodel Your home is your castle, but that doesn’t mean it should look cold and foreboding. A great swimming pool can do a lot for any property – improve value, increase enjoyment, build family togetherness, and more. But while this is all true, sometimes even the best-maintained pool will end up needing to be remodeled. We know that the pool remodeling Luzerne residents may need can be confusing and intimidating, but taking a quick look at a few basics can help you understand how to get the best results from it and give your swimming pool the facelift it needs. Continue reading “The Basics Of A Great Pool Remodel”