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5 Tips for Finding Affordable Custom Pools and Spas in Edwardsville, PA

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5 Tips for Finding Affordable Custom Pools and Spas in Edwardsville, PA

Installing a pool in your Edwardsville, PA, property is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. In fact, an in-ground custom pool can increase your property value by as much as eight percent!

You don’t even have to spend top-dollar on seeing those results. You must be careful when choosing the best affordable custom pools and spas for your home.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best investment possible.

1. Research Your Options

When you first start looking into affordable pools, you’ll see a wide variety of options available. Think about the type of pool or spa you want to incorporate into your yard.

For example, in-ground pools can have linings made from ultra-affordable fiberglass or more luxurious tile and natural stone. Above-ground pools give you the convenience of easy installation, but you’ll want to make sure the materials can stand up to regular use.

Look for materials that will work with your needs and discuss those options with your pool builders.

2. Get Estimates for Each Type You’re Interested In

When you schedule an estimate, you don’t have to know which type of pool or spa is ideal for your yard. You just need to know which types you’re interested in.

Ask your swimming pool contractor to give you an estimate for each type of pool and spa you feel would work for your property.

During those estimates, you’ll learn about the materials that will work best for your yard and your budget. They’ll take the time to explain how each option will work with your yard and landscape and the type of value it will add to your Edwardsville, PA, home.

3. Explain Your Budget

Discussing money is never a comfortable experience, but it’s incredibly important when you’re looking to add a custom pool to your home.

Think about what your pool-building budget is like, and make sure to discuss this during the estimate. No matter your budget, an option will work for your yard. You may even be able to finance a more excellent option than you dreamed possible.

4. Remember That Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring

The more complicated your design is, the more it will cost to build your custom pool. When you keep your design simple, you’ll be able to save money and get your pool installed more quickly.

Keep in mind that simple designs don’t necessarily mean the pool will look boring. It can make your pool look more inviting and make it easier to incorporate the pool into your existing landscaping.

5. Consider the Upkeep

Before settling on a design, ensure you understand how much it will cost to keep your pool in good condition. Your contractor will explain the average costs for each design you’re considering.

Keep these costs in mind while you decide on a design. This way, you’ll make the best choice for your future finances.

Hire the Right Experts in Custom Pools and Spas

Don’t settle for low-quality workmanship if you’re looking for the most affordable custom pools and spas in Edwardsville. Save yourself the hassle and choose a company willing to work with your budget without cutting corners.

Our team at Skovish Pools & Spas will help you transform your Edwardsville, PA, yard into a paradise. Contact us today to schedule an estimate. (As of 9/22/2022, we no longer provide above ground pools.)

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