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6 Best Money Saving Swimming Pool Tips – Hands Down!

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6 Best Money Saving Swimming Pool Tips – Hands Down!

Now that you have a swimming pool or decided to install one, there are several things you should know. Keeping your pool functioning well and looking great can be costly. One of the first steps to following a swimming pool maintenance guide is saving money while keeping your pool in great condition. Here are six swimming pool tips and tricks that will ensure your swimming pool provides lots of fun and entertainment for years to come.

Make sure the vacuum head is correctly stored

When you need to know how to maintain a swimming pool, one of the first things to remember is to store the vacuum head correctly. If it’s not properly stored, you’ll likely have to replace it prematurely. Poor storage methods could result in the pool vacuum head falling off or becoming too flat for use. Be sure the vacuum head is stored out of the sun to prevent damage. It must be stored upside down for proper drainage. Keep the vacuum head away from chlorine during storage as well. These tips will extend the life of your vacuum head. In some cases, it will last twice as long!

Use a Solar Cover and Pool Heater

Solar covers are necessary to keep the pool water warm by attracting the sun’s heat. These covers also shield the pool from debris. If you use the solar cover at night only, heat will remain in the pool. This can be especially comfortable during cool summer evenings.

If you also have a pool heater, you can adjust the heater to the temperature you want. Then, you can turn the heater off and use the solar cover at night. This will keep heat in the pool for a longer period of time. If you don’t feel like applying the solar cover and removing it every night, a liquid solar blanket is a great investment. The blankets cost less overall and are easier to use than a solar cover.

Use Baking Soda

Putting baking soda in the water increases its alkalinity. This can be an affordable way to make the pool water especially alkaline. The type of baking soda used, especially when compared to your previous alkalinity product, will determine how affordable this method is. Baking soda is usually best if you only want to slightly increase the alkalinity of the water. Be sure not to use too much baking soda, since it could make the pool water too cloudy. To truly know if the baking soda method will save you money, compare the prices of the baking soda with other alkalinity increasers.

Close down Your In-Ground Pool

Closing down an in-ground pool will cost you a bit of money, however, the savings will be considerable when you re-open it. Hiring a pool professional is always recommended. The proper steps will be taken. You will be assured the closing is done properly.

Keep Your Pool Clean in the Winter

Most pools are considerably dirty in the spring after being dormant during the winter. You may be tempted to add lots of chemicals to the water to clean it. However, this may not be the best solution. Be sure your inground pool has a solid or mesh safety cover. The cover is especially important when the pool is not in use. The covers stay clean and keep debris and toxins from getting into the pool water.

A pool cover pump is also ideal during the winter. Each time it snows or rains, keep your pool in good condition by keeping the water off the pool cover with a quality pump.

Buy Pool Chemicals in Bulk and Off-Season

Small pool supply stores will often run spring specials on their inventory. This is an affordable way to get the supplies you need for your pool. Chemicals and supplies from last year will likely be marked down significantly. Purchase your supplies in bulk so you won’t run out of chlorine and chemicals during the summer.

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