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Benefits Of Installing A Safety Cover On Your Swimming Pool



One major factor that hinders people from turning a backyard into an oasis of their dreams is safety. While pools offer a prime location for families, pets, and friends to bond and spend time together, failing to take proper precautions can result in an individual being thrust into harm’s way. Children are a handful to say the very least, and they can disappear on a parent in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, these happenings often result in little ones finding their way into the backyard with a pool. Falling into the open water can lead to minor or more severe injuries, even including loss of life. Install a safety cover to secure the area, if for nothing else, only the peace-of-mind.

We offer Meyco covers because they are of high-quality construction and perform reliably season after season. The mesh material is durable to hold various weights while allowing water to pass right through, which prevents owners from having to pump off any surface water after a storm. This element makes it simple to maintain the H20 levels after closing the pool for the winter. Just don’t let it dip below 18″ of the deck level, and with minimal effort, re-opening will be a cinch. The safety cover catches limbs, or leaves, before they land in the pool, and prevents the items from adding contaminants to the water. Owners will need to remove any large debris, but leaves just dry and blow away with the wind.

The safety cover is available in vivid blue, black, or forest green to accommodate the needs of people with cosmetic concerns. It is stylish and eliminates the need for scattered ropes, pillows, or pumps. The lightweight mesh material allows for quick installation, and removal, with the appropriate tool. After all, nobody desires to spend their time fighting with a safety cover, especially when all they want to do is go for a swim. The straps connect to brass anchors that disappear flush after removal, which prevents trip and fall accidents from occurring. These fasteners are also non-corrosive to withstand the outdoor elements. Keep loved ones and faithful companions safe by installing a safety cover on your pool today.

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