4 Reasons To Have Your Own Swimming Pool

4 Reasons To Have Your Own Swimming PoolWith the warm weather coming in, everyone is excited to dive into the pool. However, you can do one step better by putting an in-ground pool right into your own backyard. As you can imagine, having your own swimming pool is a huge investment and commitment. Still, it comes with several benefits that include making it easier than ever to cool down during the summer, not having to deal with crowds at the public pool, and adding something extra to your parties. Continue reading “4 Reasons To Have Your Own Swimming Pool”

Choosing The Perfect Swimming Pool

Choosing The Perfect Swimming PoolWith so much variety available on the market for swimming pools, it can be a little challenging to know which one to go with or what options are available to you. In choosing a swimming pool, the questions you need to consider are who is going to be using it, what is it going to be used for, and how often. A swimming pool is a huge investment after all so it needs to be able to meet your unique needs. Continue reading “Choosing The Perfect Swimming Pool”

Why You Should Have A Heated Pool

Why You Should Have A Heated PoolWhen the summer weather comes rolling in, one of the first things we can’t wait to do is hop into the pool! But why deal with all the hassle that comes with going to a public pool or lake? Make the most out of your summer by putting a Luzerne in-ground pool right into your very own backyard.

However, not just any in-ground pool will do! Adding a heated pool can turn your average backyard pool into your own luxury oasis with benefits you don’t want to miss out on. Continue reading “Why You Should Have A Heated Pool”

A New Pool Can Be Exciting

A New Pool Can Be ExcitingGetting a pool is an exciting time. From the first meeting with your contractor to the finished product, there is an air of excitement that hang in the air. Having your own pool means that you won’t need to swim in a public gathering place anymore. Not only can you avoid being crowded by the people, it’s the little things that you won’t need to deal with anymore. Continue reading “A New Pool Can Be Exciting”

Make Your Pool Even Better

Make Your Pool Even BetterAs winter is slowly creeping away from us in Pennsylvania, the spring is slowly creeping in. It won’t be long before we’ll be getting our pools ready to enjoy in the warm weather.

How does your pool look? Is it is good condition? Does it improve the look of your backyard? Or is it dated and old, more of an embarrassment to the landscaping? If you’re pool was built back when MC Hammer pants were cool, it might be time to update your look and consider a remodel. Continue reading “Make Your Pool Even Better”

A Real Above Ground Pool

A Real Above Ground PoolThese days it seems as though swimming pools are popping up all over the place. In backyards everywhere, the classic blue-vinyl and PVC piping can be seen from afar. Every week in the Sunday circular, you’ll find various discount and budget stores offering low-priced pools of various size that one can purchase, put in the back of the car, and take home. Set up instructions included, just add water. Continue reading “A Real Above Ground Pool”

Pool Closing Tips To Allow For Easy Opening Next Year

Pool Closing Tips To Allow For Easy Opening Next Year For those with in-ground pools, Luzerne, Shickshinny and surrounding area residents are probably thinking more about opening their pool for the season. In the cold winter, pool opening means spring is here. Opening your pool will mean the warm weather season and big thaw out has officially started! That being said, there is no wrong time for a few pool closing tips. Using the right tips can ensure your pool has an easy opening next year. A few pool closing tips we love to allow for an easier opening next year are: Continue reading “Pool Closing Tips To Allow For Easy Opening Next Year”

When Should I You Open Your Pool?

When Should I Open My Pool?During the winter season, we’re sure you’re looking outside and fantasizing about when you’ll be taking a dip in your pool again! You may be wondering when the best time to open your pool may be, and we have the answers you need to ensure you’re opening and using your pool at just the right time. Whether above ground or in ground pools, Luzerne residents should be paying close attention to the weather first before getting their supplies and their pool ready for the warm weather swimming season! Continue reading “When Should I You Open Your Pool?”

In Ground Pools Vs Above Ground Pools

In Ground Pools Vs Above Ground Pools When it comes to above ground pools or in ground pools, Luzerne homeowners have a lot to think about. Above ground and in ground pools both have their benefits and advantages, and there are a few factors you should look at closely if you’re going to be making this decision yourself in the near future. From cost and convenience, to aesthetic and safety, there are points for choosing either sort of pool depending on your needs and preferences. We want to break down a few of these pros and cons found in either option, and make your decision a little easier for you and your family. Continue reading “In Ground Pools Vs Above Ground Pools”

Building Your Pool

Installing an in ground pool is a major construction project that will enhance your leisure time and your property. Pool experts agree that the success of a pool project rests not with the salesman, brochures, or style you choose, but with the pool construction company you hire. Skovish Brothers Pools & Spas Inc. prides itself in offering Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) the best Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs.

Soil and Site Concerns
If you can get the approval for your pool, take the time to study possible locations because this project is permanent. Stake out layouts and live with each for a few days to see how they work.

Selecting a Pool Style
Vinyl-lined pools, known for their smooth, stain-resistant, usually come as a package. Design options may be limited, but they are typically less expensive than fiberglass and cement pools. Depending on the soil composition, once the excavation is complete, a wall system is constructed. Each needs a pump, filter, drains, returns, plastic piping, and chemical feeder.

Fiber optic lighting and special landscaping, decks and screen enclosures all add to the outdoor ambiance you can create around a pool. Prioritize and plan for enhancements that will make your in ground pool your own.