A Closer Look At Closing Your Pool For The Winter

A Closer Look At Closing Your Pool For The WinterAs the temperatures in Pennsylvania begin to fall, homeowners have to take numerous steps to make sure that their property is ready for the winter. One thing that is important is going through the process of closing down your pool for the season.

Closing down your pool properly helps ensure that startup in the spring or summer is easier to complete, and also helps prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool. You’ve invested a tremendous amount of money into your pool, and it makes sense that protecting your investment with good, basic maintenance is something any pool owner needs to do.

There are several key steps that need to be taken to close down the in ground pools Luzerne and Shickshinny residents may own. Here’s’ a look at the main things you’ll have to do:

  • Balance the pool water properly to ensure the best chemistry and prevent algae growth over the winter
  • Remove all fittings, ladders, baskets, and other pool items.
  • Lower the water level in the pool to an acceptable wintertime level.
  • Clean the pool thoroughly.
  • Drain all pumps and filters along with any chlorinating equipment.
  • Winterize all plumbing pipes and lines. This and the step above are vital to help ensure that freezing water doesn’t damage lines or pumps and filters.
  • Place cover over the pool and secure it properly.

This seems like a fairly short list, but the reality is that it can take hours to complete properly and depending on the size of the home, can take a full day’s worth of work in some cases. Not only this, but the fact that making mistakes could end up costing you big when the season begins next year means that careful attention must be paid during each step of the process.

For most people, letting the professionals handle the process of closing down a pool for the year is something that makes much more sense. Our team has experience in ensuring that your pool is ready for the cold season and that you don’t have to worry during the winter.

Getting a winterized pool along with peace of mind – and without having to worry about actually handling the hard work involved in closing down the pool – is important for any homeowner. Those with in ground pools in Luzerne will want to take care of this before the temps really drop and the water in a pool freezes.