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It’s the End Of The Summer As We Know It


It’s the End Of The Summer As We Know It Summer is on the way out, and though the there’s still time to have a blast for a few more weekends, you’ll need to think about closing up your pool for the season. We don’t want you to feel rushed, but this is Pennsylvania we’re taking about. Sure, in ground pools in Luzerne can take you through some of the fall, but the cooler weather in Pennsylvania can come on quick and this makes it tough to keep things rolling much beyond the pumpkin season.

Time To Make Your Pool Last Through The Winter

When closing time comes, there’s more to ending the season that just putting a cover over the pool and calling it a day. If you follow proper pool closing procedures now, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to open your pool and get using it once the spring comes. A little extra time now will save you extra time later when you just want to jump right in!

Here is a basic suggestion of the important steps to take to ensure that your pool stays clean and balanced during the chilly winter months in Luzerne.

  • Adjust pH levels
  • Adjust water hardness and calcium levels
  • Adjust alkalinity
  • Adjust chlorine levels
  • Remove ladders and pool accessories
  • Clean pool walls
  • If needed, add scale, stain, and metal control chemicals
  • Add granular chlorine and let circulate
  • Add algaecide
  • Clean pool filtration system
  • Drain water to appropriate level
  • Remove directional fittings and freeze plugs
  • Turn off pump and drain equipment
  • If needed, add pool anti-freeze
  • Install and secure pool cover

You may think that all of this looks overwhelming; and you’d be right. If all of these steps seem like way more than you have the time or the energy to do, have no fear; we can help you close your in-ground pool in Luzerne. Not only do we build and design pools, remodel and reconstruct, we also open, close, and service them throughout the year. And if you have any questions or concerns in the off-season, we’re never more than a phone call away.

So enjoy the last few days of summer and swim-it-up before the pumpkin spice latte moves in.

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