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Fabulous, Fierce, Fiery Fire Features

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Fabulous, Fierce, Fiery Fire Features

Fiery Fire Features, sounds exciting right?

Now that you’ve installed a pool and/or outdoor living space on your property, you may want to consider a fire pit or fire bowl. These accessories immediately add warmth to the yard on cool nights. A fire bowl or pit also enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space. You can even get fire pits and bowls that coordinate with the design of your pool or an outdoor fountain.

If you’re not sure which fire pits or fire and water bowls are right for you, these suggestions can provide design inspiration.

Small and Rustic

A tiny fire pit works well for a small yard with minimal seating. You can fit the pit into the concrete on the porch. Or, you can have a stone structure built around the pit and position chairs around it. This is a great way to warm up after a swim in the pool. Or, you can host a family gathering and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

A fire bowl adds a nice touch to your yard and can be constructed in various sizes. A steel bowl with a fire inside is aesthetically pleasing, and you can position stones or succulents around the bowl. It’s easy to make this fire bowl rustic if you add different types of seating around the bowl.

Larger Fire Pits

A fire pit can also be constructed as part of an outdoor table. This is ideal if you have guests over often, or like to host spring and summer parties. The pit can even be used as a grill when you want to prepare small meals. The presentation is impressive, and it will be easy to keep warm during cool nights.

Large fire pits can also be put into the ground. If you have lawn or beach chairs that sit low, a large pit is both practical and decorative. A border can be built around the pit in brick or stone. You can even choose materials that coordinate with the border around your pool or hot tub.

Fire Walls and Fountains

A fire and water fountain is another great option for an outdoor fireplace. These structures are a combination of a fire pit or fire bowl and a water fountain. The flames are positioned in the middle of the fountain, so it looks like the fire is coming from the water. The fountain can be made from concrete or stone.

You can also work with a contractor to come up with metal or mosaic designs that add texture and color to the fire feature wall. The wall can be positioned in the main seating area of the yard, or you can construct it on the side or behind your pool.

Fiery Fire Features

Contact Skovish Pools & Spas when you’re ready to build fiery fire features that will enhance the look of your backyard or poolscape.

We are a pool Builder, with locations in Luzerne, PA and Shickshinny, PA designing and building fabulous, fierce, and fiery fire features. Our team is more than happy to answer your questions, and our company provides great design ideas. If you want to build a pool and/or a fire bowl or pit, we will get the job done right. We can also show you which materials will go well with your existing pool. Contact us today for a consultation.

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