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Looking for the Best Hot Tubs and Spas in 2018?

Looking for the Best Hot Tubs and Spas in 2018?

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub or spa? Are you looking for the best hot tubs and spas in 2018? Good for you! There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a hot tub or relaxing in your very own spa. There are proven benefits to regular spa use as well, including reduced muscular tension and increased blood flow. And let’s face it! Sitting in a hot tub just feels good.


As you ponder all the options near Luzerne, PA, Shickshinny, PA, and the surrounding areas, there are several things you should take into consideration, such as who offers the best selection and pricing? Is your hot tub going to be mostly for your own private use or will you be inviting others to join you?


You will also want to determine if you require an inground or portable spa. If you are a long-term homeowner with a pool in the backyard, an inground unit may be best for you. If you plan on relocating to a different home in the future, this does not mean you cannot own a hot tub. On the contrary, there are numerous portable spa options available for you.




Caldera has the right spa for you, whether you are seeking personal relaxation or want your spa or hot tub to be a focal point for social events. Choose from units that accommodate one to four, five to six, or seven to eight people. Caldera is considered one of the best hot tub brands. Units are easy to assemble and come in several colors to complement your home decor.


Caldera offers different styles of massages, including seat or lounge, made specifically for neck, shoulder, and massaging the middle back. In the Atlas massage system, rest your weary head on a contoured pillow while above-the-water-line jets focus water on your neck and shoulder area. Ah! Now, that feels good. Caldera has some of the finest hot tubs available, with selections for both the extravagant and budget-minded.




Buying a hot tub or spa is a very individualized decision. Fantasy specializes in catering to its customers’ specific needs. Take, for example, the Embrace Spa. It is uniquely shaped to fit into small spaces with a structure that does not compromise quality.


The Embrace spa has 17 jets that massage your entire body, including jets for your feet and wrists. It is easy to set up and uses simple plug-and-play technology. No electrician required! These units plug into a regular wall socket. Fantasy prides itself on making the finest spas and making them affordable for everyone.


What Is the Best Portable Hot Tub?


There are many differences between portable and inground hot tubs. Inground units are sometimes built into a pool or are part of the surrounding landscape. Portable hot tubs can fit into any yard and can be moved with you if you decide to relocate.


With a Caldera or Fantasy portable hot tub, you can build the unit into a deck or keep it aboveground. If you live in a cold climate, a portable hot tub can be installed near your house and be enjoyed year-round.


Portable hot tubs allow you to pack up your spa and take it with you! Imagine the possibilities. Take your hot tub camping, to the beach or to the mountaintop to relax after a day on the ski slopes! These hot tubs have a lightweight shell for easy transport and have the same characteristics as a full hot tub that you would have installed in your home. Happy spa shopping! We look forward to helping you find the hot tub of your dreams.


Feel free to contact Skovish Pools and Spas. We have 2 locations, one in Luzerne, PA and one in Shickshinny, Pa. We are ready and happy to help you decide on the best hot tubs and spas in 2018.


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