Pool Deck Materials For Your Above-Ground Pool

Pool Deck Materials For Your Above-Ground Pool It’s an exciting time, as you’ve finally decided that a pool is a worthwhile investment for you and your family. Congratulations – you could not have made a better choice! Now comes the difficult part of deciding between an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool in Luzerne. The decision may be more difficult than you think, as above-ground pools in Luzerne are no longer an ugly eyesore. With a pool deck, you can improve the look, access, and safety of your above-ground Luzerne pool.

Improve Access And Safety

A pool deck surrounding your above-ground pool is essentially an invitation. A deck makes your pool much more welcoming, as more people will want to relax around your pool. A pool deck also increases the safety factors of your pool. You’ll be able to install lighting and railing options that can prevent unwelcomed guests from entering your above-ground pool.

Materials Available

Fortunately, there are many materials available to construct the deck for your above-ground pool. The choice is yours, and you should be able to work with your pool contractor to come up with a design that you are satisfied with. With different materials available in different colors, you should be able to choose something that is a perfect complement to your home.

Aluminum and vinyl are popular options for pool decks because they are durable and easy to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze, and the construction process is easy. If you’re looking for a similar option, you can also consider PVC decking. Although PVC decking is more expensive, it is the better option for pool decks that will see a lot of foot traffic. If cared for and kept clean, PVC decking will outlast aluminum decking.

Wood is another popular option for pool decking. Wood decking looks very good, but you’ll need to ensure the wood is stained and waterproofed. Composite wood decking is another option that gives a similar appearance.

Options For Expansion

Because you are building up, you’re creating space. This means that you may be able to install things that you had previously not considered. For example, you can construct built-in storage on your pool deck to hold your pool toys, equipment, and towels. Or, you could add a hot tub or spa next to your pool, giving you the perfect backyard oasis.