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Swimming Pool Owners Energy Saving Tips

Swimming pools use a lot of energy, and anyone with a pool in their backyard knows that the pump is a major consumer of their household energy, closely following on the heels of their air conditioner. If you have a pool heater, your energy bills could increase even more. In these days when more of us are trying to lower our carbon footprint, finding ways of saving energy and becoming more energy efficient is paramount.

Here, we look at some swimming pool energy saving tips that will help you to be more eco-friendly and to make some savings on your next energy bill.

Managing the temperature of swimming pools

Some of the best tips for pool owners who want to save energy involve managing the pool temperature more effectively.

•  If you aren’t using your pool for a few days, turn the temperature gauge of your pool heater off or down.
•  Every degree that you turn the pool temperature up, your household energy consumption will increase by as much as 30%. Remember this if you’re tempted to turn the pool heating up on cooler days.
•  Not only does colder pool water save you money on your energy bills, but it also offers other benefits too. Bacteria and algae cannot multiply as rapidly in cool water, and this means that the pool pump can often run less during winter than during summer. Not only that, but you’ll also use fewer chemicals too, saving you even more money.

Controlling your pump run time

We’ve already established that running your pool pump causes your energy bills to skyrocket; however, there are ways that you can control this more effectively to save energy and money.
•  Set the system and pump to run at off-peak times (generally between eight in the evening and ten in the morning). If you’re not sure when your area’s off-peak hours are, you can ask your energy company.
•  Set the pump so that it runs more during the summer months and runs less during winter.
•  Control your pool pump’s cycle by using a timer that is accurate. You’ll find that a number of shorter cycles will keep your pool water clean throughout the day.
•  Set the pump so that it runs for a specific period of time, dependant on the size of your pool.

Maximizing water circulation

If the pool water circulates effectively, the chemicals in the pool water will be properly mixed and dispersed, while also helping the water to stay comfortably cool in hot weather. You can help to maximize the circulation of water in your pool and reduce any strain on the pump which would increase energy consumption by keeping your pool clear of debris. Always check your filter baskets and skimmer every couple of days to make sure that any particles are removed. Remember that having a longer period of water circulation will not guarantee that there will be fewer algae in the pool. Using chemicals that fight algae and making sure that you regularly scrub all surfaces will ensure that algae blooms will never be a problem.

Use a  solar heater

Solar pool heaters are not only environmentally friendly, but they also require very little maintenance. Solar heater systems work by pumping the pool water through the pool’s filter then through the coils where the sun will warm up the water before returning it to your pool. Solar heaters are a relatively inexpensive investment and can save you a significant amount when compared to a traditional energy-consuming pool heater.

Evaporation and heat loss

A lot of the heat from your pool will be lost from the surface; however, using a solar cover could reduce the amount of evaporation by as much as 50%; this will help to conserve water heat and save you energy. By adding a fence or shrubs around your pool as a windbreak, you’ll also reduce the amount of water heat lost to the wind while still retaining the sun’s solar energy.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to pool energy saving tips, pool maintenance, new construction, remodels or outdoor living extras please contact Skovish Pools & Spas. One of our expert, highly professional pool builder professionals will be happy to assist you. We service Luzerne & Shickshinny, PA as well as the surrounding areas way beyond.

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