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Our In-Season Service Plans Are Valuable To Hot Tub Owners In Shickshinny


Our In-Season Service Plans Are Valuable To Hot Tub Owners In ShickshinnyChemical Level Accuracy

Anyone that has ever attempted to balance the chemical levels in their pool knows it takes patience and practice to get it right. Levels which are too high can result in skin rashes, burning eyes, and chemical burns. It is of the utmost importance for Shickshinny hot tub owners to have accurate levels.

Our in-season service plans provide chemical testing and management. These services can be performed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs. Our technicians are knowledgeable on all aspects having to do with pools and hot tubs. Given the opportunity, we will be happy to provide you with the knowledge to keep your hot tub levels accurate.

Pool School Provides You With Information

We enjoy teaching our customers the ins and outs of pool ownership. Yes, your pool service company does keep your pool maintained, but should a problem arise, we believe you should understand how to keep your hot tub maintained. After all, in this ever changing world, you never know what tomorrow might bring. Providing you with pool school is a priority in our service plans.

There is much more to owning a hot tub in Shickshinny than chemical accuracy, though. Owners should also understand how their equipment works and sounds. Should the filter become clogged, the motor is likely to start making a different sound, so knowing the way your equipment normally sounds is important. This also allows us the opportunity to show you how to maintain certain aspects of your equipment safely and correctly.

Salt Water Hot Tubs

Our in-season service plans cover salt water hot tubs as well. There may not be all of the chemical balancing involved, but there is still some maintenance required. The added salt in the water may cause parts to corrode more quickly, which could result in a leak. Once again, this is where Pool school comes in handy. We can teach you the signs to look out for so that a small problem can be fixed before it turns into a nightmare.

Our in-season service plans have been adding value to our customer’s lives for years, and given the opportunity, they can add value to your life as well. Take maintenance seriously and you can reap the rewards of hot tub ownership as well.

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