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A Spa Day At Home


A Spa Day At HomeBy now you probably have a spa in Shickshinny, right? If not, then your first order of business is to get one! We offer just the right model and design to fit your lifestyle and home. Fantasy spas are affordable and easy to install, meaning that you don’t need any fancy wiring or plumbing to get started. Put it on your deck, put it in your garage, or even put it in your basement. Fantasy spas are built for your needs and we can help you get yours set up so you can plan a girls-night-in, or a private retreat for your own wellbeing.

Must-Have’s For Your Spa Day in Shickshinny

When the tension in your life seems overwhelming and life hands you lemons; have an at-home spa day! The important things that you’ll need for your spa day are things that will make you feel relaxed and pampered.

The Sound Of Music

Music is one of the most important things you can add to make a relaxing afternoon. Look for music that will take you far away; instrumental or light vocals are perfect as lyrical music can clutter your mind when trying to relax. Look for music that evokes relaxation, such as:

  • Robert Rich – Nest
  • Pat Metheny – What’s It All About?
  • Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis
  • Rudy Adrian – Moonwater

And always be sure that your music source is far away from the water to avoid risking electrical shock.

Have A Drink

A cup of soothing chamomile tea, or just something herbal will do. A glass of wine or champagne is also a popular relaxing choice, but be careful not to overindulge in the spa as alcohol can be dehydrating. A great option is a pitcher of cold, clear water infused with fresh fruits, mint leaves, or cucumbers; hydrating and delicious.

The Sights And Smells

Keeping the area low-lit can help you relax better, so turn down the lights and make use of candles or even a string of party lights. Close the shades or drapery if you have a window nearby. Light some incense to keep the air fresh and clean, or go with scented candles. And don’t forget a nice fluffy robe for afterward!

Enjoy your new Fantasy spa and have a relaxing time; you deserve it!

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