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The Benefits of Having a Pool with a Spa

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Benefits of Having a Pool With a Spa

Nothing compares to coming home after a long day and relaxing in your very own spa. It is like having a health club in your home. Doctors all over the country are talking about the benefits of spas, which reduce stress, relax tired muscles, and provide relief from pain for even critically ill patients. Plus, there are other benefits … spas are very romantic for couples and can make the quality time you spend with your partner even better.

Custom Pools and Spas

You could always buy a hot tub online from a big-box retailer and call it a day. But, why in the world would you want to? You may save a few dollars at first, but buying a spa is a very personal decision. Besides, will the warranty expire sooner rather than later? Will your spa look like everybody else’s in the neighborhood?

Fortunately, you are not limited to big-box retailers, and you certainly do not have to follow standard designs. Innovative pools and spas imprint your surroundings with your unique style and will give you and the ones you love years of pleasure. Retreat into the spa of your dreams. You won’t want to leave home!

A custom-built pool and spa is the centerpiece of a stellar staycation and Skovish Pools and Spas, pool builders with locations in  Luzerne and Shickshinny, PA can advise you of the many options. With people entertaining at home more frequently, you want and deserve, the best spa you can get on the budget you have. Spas can be standalone or attached to your pool. You can even build a gazebo to house the hot tub or spa, so you can use it any time and in any weather.

The best spa designs complement the surrounding landscape and can be built inside of an inground pool, on the edge, or near a waterfall or ledge. Add colorful lights and fountains for a signature look. The metal may be the best construction material, with stainless steel being one of the most durable. Using copper to build a spa is a new concept and is beautiful, in addition to being extremely durable.


Spas: A Time-Honored Tradition

Ancient Romans and Greeks knew the value of hydrotherapy. Stress relief is the number one reason most people cite for wanting a spa. Pain relief is the second reason. The ancient people were aware of both and, like today, their famous spas incorporated hydro massage and soothing sounds in visually pleasing surroundings. Everyone is familiar with the stories of historical figures from Greece and Rome, retiring in the evening to the bathhouses. Even centuries ago, people realized that spas were beneficial to their health and well-being.

Proven health benefits include increased blood flow, relief from pain and arthritis, and a decrease in inflammation around the muscles and nerves. Ask any athlete about soaking in a hot spa after a workout and he or she will tell you hydrotherapy is second to none when it comes to relieving sore muscles. In addition, medical research shows that going from cold water into hot water increases your metabolism. Therefore, taking a dip in the swimming pool in cooler water and, then, going into hot spa water will amp up your calorie-burning ability. You probably thought it couldn’t get any better, but a pool with a spa can even help you lose weight!

The warm water will raise the temperature of your body, which, in turn, makes your blood vessels dilate, aiding circulation and the distribution of oxygen and vital nutrients throughout your body. It is what gives you that warm, rosy-cheeked glow when you emerge from the water. Don’t you look healthy!


Are You Ready to Get Started Enjoying the Benefits of a Pool with a Spa?

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