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The mental benefits of being near water

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The mental benefits of being near water

40296403 - young woman relaxing in the waterUpdated Oct. 2020

You’d love a vacation, but maybe because of the Coronavirus (COVID), you have changed your mind. Or your last getaway was prior to the pandemic, and it just seems so far away! No worries, relaxation-seeker. There are plenty of ways to calm your mind – right in your own backyard.

Carved in our DNA

There may be an evolutionary reason being near water relaxes us. Ever since humans have been around, water has been essential to our survival. Obviously, we need it to drink. But we also use it to clean ourselves, our tools, and our homes. Game animals also seek water, so living near ponds and streams increased our ancestors’ chances of a successful hunt – and survival.

Water waves and brain waves

Studies show that the sound of ocean waves have an effect on brain patterns, making people more relaxed. But a gently lapping pool can have the same effect so try taking out those earbuds the next time you’re poolside and listen to the sweet sounds of water!

Pure relaxation

One final benefit of water is that it helps regulate body temperature. Being able to make yourself cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter (if you have a heated pool) makes insta-relaxing super easy!

Is It Too Cold To Swim Now?

How Does a Hot Tub or Spa Sound?

It is never the right season for a hot tub or spa. Every season is the right season! And what better time than now when many of us are stuck at home during this unprecedented time, COVID.

Mental Benefits of Being Near Water

As there are mental benefits of being near water, how about immersing yourself in the warm, bubbly water with the jets soothing your muscles? Sound great? Well, it is; there are so many wonderful benefits of having a hot tub or spa.

Interested? Let Skovish Pools and Spas help you get the best hot tub or spa that is just right for you. Get in touch now!

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