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Turn Your Luzerne Backyard Into An Oasis


Turn Your Luzerne Backyard Into An Oasis Having a pool in your backyard is one of the most fun, inviting and entertaining additions you can make. The concept of an in-ground pool is exciting enough on its own but if we take a few minutes to look at some of the remarkably beautiful and landscaped options to your pool construction we can help you build an Oasis right at your own home.

Vary Pool Shape To Natural Feel

Pools don’t have to be a rectangle anymore, you don’t have to feel like you are swimming in the basement of a hotel. Design your pool with flowing edges, in the shape that fits your vision and your yard the best. Skovish offers a myriad of design options that get rid of that classic pool feel and create a shape that resembles something you might find in a natural pool. Make your own private mini-lake in your backyard that you can control the temperature of, that sounds perfect.

Landscaping Around The Pool

You know the design of the pool you want in your head, what else can we do to build the perfect pool and outdoor living area for you? Often times the surrounding area gets neglected when pool construction is underway. If your dream has only gone as far as the pool but you haven’t made aesthetic considerations for the surrounding areas of the pool, fear not we have thought of pretty much everything. Popular options can play with that Oasis feel and keep the backyard feeling like you slipped away from the norms. Adding rocks and waterfalls as the barriers to the edges of your pool maintain function while adding the feeling of taking a swim in the jungle.

Complete The Entire Pool Area

Stay with the theme and continue the beautiful natural looking options when designing your seating areas and bar or food preparation stations. In reality we all want any area of our homes to match and tie everything together as much as possible. This is true with your pool and outdoor living area. Keep the same landscape design throughout your pool, seating and surrounding area to make it all feel as one. Or vary your options as to throw a fun twist is t designating which area is which. The most important things to keep in mind while building your dream pool is that it’s yours and you can make it exactly the way you want.

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