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These Water Features Provide Your Pool With Aesthetic Appeal


These Water Features Provide Your Pool With Aesthetic AppealSwimming pool owners often host parties, barbecues, and other functions. The backyard oasis provides friends, neighbors, and family members with a place to wash all of their troubles away. People go to great extents to keep these locations visually appealing, but after awhile, looking at the same drab pool day in, and day out, gets old. Landscaping, decks, and even lighting effects help with the look to a certain degree, but on occasion, these things are not enough to create the vision of a person’s dreams. Water features can enhance the pool’s aesthetics and create a fun environment that adults and children will enjoy.


1. Deck Jet 500


This device does just what its name implies. It installs in the deck and shoots a stream of water into the pool. This equipment has an adjustable alignment, which means the height can be fixed to fit your surface. The factor may not seem too big of a concern at first but as time passes and the deck shifts, keeping the device flush prevents people from tripping and sustaining injuries. This Deck Jet 500 is simple to install, and it does not require a dedicated valve for operation. The flow and direction can also be adjusted quickly, and without having to use any tools for added convenience.


2. Sheer 500


By producing a cascading, falling water effect, the Sheer 500 adds a touch of sophistication and class to your pool. It can install in both straight or curved applications, making it ideal for any swimming pool’s shape and design. The device allows for quick, easy installation, and the connections are compatible with larger plumbing to maximize the flow rate. If you live in Shickshinny, feel free to give our office a call to discuss the available options. Many of these pieces of equipment can be paired with lighting for a more dramatic effect. The possibilities as to how we can make your pool look like the image in your mind are endless, so don’t spend another second staring at a backyard that causes you to frown. Instead, together we can make your dream a reality.

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