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Zone In On PA Pool Regulations, What to Know

Inground Pools
Zone In On PA Pool Regulations, What to Know

The leaves may change as we gear up for the year’s colder months, but I bet some of you are already looking ahead to summer days.

Although next summer seems like a long time away, pool season will be here before we know it. Many hopeful homeowners’ dream houses involve an inground pool, but installing one takes some pre-planning.

For those of us who live in the great state of Pennsylvania, there are certain PA pool regulations to keep in mind. Pennsylvania law is strict when it comes to poolside rules, so read on to ensure that yours passes the test!

1. Pool Fences

The pool fence is the most critical ordinance you need to know about when you’re planning to install a pool in your backyard.

Local Pennsylvania law stipulates that most inground pools require a perimeter fence.

This rule is meant to keep people safe from falling into the pool and getting injured and protect wildlife from wandering in.

While the blanket statement “you must have a pool fence” is the case for most Pennsylvania pool owners, know that this law only applies to inground pools.

If you have an above-ground pool with walls that are higher than 4 feet tall, you do not need to have a pool fence.

2. Other PA Pool Regulations

To get into specifics about the pool fence that you should be installing, you want to ensure that your pool fence is a minimum of 4 feet high. 

Although fencing materials are not specified, your fence should have some kind of self-closing latch or gate that allows it to fully open and close.

If you have a kiddie pool and are wondering whether it counts as an inground pool, the law specifies that any body of water deeper than 24 inches requires a fence.

3. Pool Regulations Fencing Options

Fear not–while installing a pool fence may be a greater hassle or cost than you expected, you have a few options for the fence surrounding your pool.

A metal or aluminum fence is one of the cheaper options for a pool fence if you’re looking to save money while still adhering to local ordinances.

However, if you want to make the most of your situation, you may consider a vinyl or wooden fence. These fences will be more expensive but may also look nicer and offer your pool more privacy.

Working with a fencing company to discuss your options will be advisable.

Enjoy Responsibly

All in all, it’s crucial to know PA pool regulations before committing to a potentially large and expensive home project. 

A year from now, when you’re sitting by the pool and enjoying a cold drink, you’ll be happy that you can rest easy knowing that your family is swimming safely.

If you want to start the planning process with a company you trust, such as Skovish Pools and Spas, click here for a free quote! The professional and dedicated team at Skovish will ensure that your installation process goes smoothly, so you can focus on perfecting your backstroke!

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