Turn Your Old Pool From Drab To Fab

Turn Your Old Pool From Drab To FabDo you spend a lot of time staring at your old pool and wishing you could update it? You can! We’ve got the tools to turn your old pool into the pool of your dreams. Check out these idea of how to freshen up your pool and get a new look for this season.

New Lining

Is your old liner looking tired and worn out? Refresh the whole look of your pool with a brand new liner. Pick a new color, and add a touch of flair to your pool. Or get rid of the old liner entirely and go for plaster. You can change the whole feel of your pool just by changing up the color and materials. It’s a good idea to have your liner replaced every once in awhile anyway, due to time and weathering.


Add some dramatic lighting to your pool and extend its use. Usually there is no swimming in the dark, but if you add some lighting to your pool you can swim the night away. You can add plain white lights, or make it fun with colors. There are many options to choose from, and we’ll help you pick the best option to fit your budget.

Add A Basketball Hoop

Install a poolside basketball hoop for hours of entertainment. Not only is it fun, but it can also be great exercise. Kids and adults alike will have a fun time shooting hoops in your redesigned pool this summer.

A Fire Feature

Why not add a fire feature to your pool? You can enjoy the ambience during a night swim, roast marshmallows with the kids, and so much more. A fire feature is a great place for friends and family to gather while watching the kids swim in the pool. Add some patio chairs and you’ve got yourself another level of entertaining.

Don’t wait! Give us a call right away so we can get started on your renovation project as soon as possible. Let us give you a free quote and talk about all the options that we have available. Instead of wishing, spend this season enjoying your new pool.

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